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Selling VAMPS + L’Arc goods

Selling VAMPS + L’Arc~en~Ciel goods

eBay page:

☠️ VAMPS 2013 MEKURI Calendar
☠️ VAMPS LIVE 2009 ARENA Tour Pamphlet
🌈 L’Arc~en~Ciel à Paris Photobook

In the next few days I will be adding more VAMPS & L’Arc goods: DVDs, photobooks, Le Ciel + VAMPADDICT fan club newsletters, singles, tour merch (t-shirts, wristbands, etc)!

All items are originals from Japan, in good or like new condition, with all original parts (like sleeves). Most of the coming items I will be selling are first press + limited edition versions. Shipping from California, USA.

Please check out the eBay page!

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