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L'Arc/Hyde Sale

Hi Guys!

I've recently re-evaluated my L'Arc/Hyde collection and decided to sell some things I'd rather see go to a more appreciative home. If you're interested in any of the items below, either comment, PM or email me at to discuss price/shipping or to request any additional information/images. There are a lot of great/rare stuff here that I've clung to like Gollum for the longest time, so grab 'em while you still can!

Empty Hydeist Times Binder
Tofu Records Newsletter: Rock Out Japan Syle (English interview with Hyde)
Tofu Records Newsletter: Chock Full of Jpop (English interview with L'Arc)(3 copies)
Hydeist Badge Decoration

Kagen no Tsuki Making Photo Album
Bridge Magazine, 7/15/2006 issue (2 copies)

Light My Fire Postcard album

Oricon Style (July 4, 2005 issue)
Pati Pati (December 12, 2007 issue)
R&R Newsmaker (May 1, 2001 issue)

Hyde Is Dead Photo Album
Shibuya Seven Days Photo Album

Treasure Trove of L'Arc/Hyde Magazine Clippings!! (heavy)

L'Chronicle 2 (PV Collection)
Chronicle (PV Collection)
Stand-up Cardboard Promo

Theatre of Kiss Concert DVD
Chronicle 0 (PV Collection)
Hyde Roentgen Stories (PV Collection)

Limited Edition Kagen No Tsuki with Evil Eye VHS
Limited Edition Moon Child with Photo Album

Radioactive Liquid Light Photo Album
What's In XP Hyde Edition (March 5, 2006 issue)

LIFE & LIVE Photo albums
LIFE & LIVE Photo albums (mini versions!)

Hyde Faith Poster (3 copies)

VAMPS 2010 World Tour Shirt (Size M, but definitely more of an XS) Never Worn

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