June 6th, 2018

Kurofai love~

Cheap selling~

I'm still~~ selling my stuff! With cheaper prices! I don’t need them anymore and don’t want to throw them away.
Write me via email: Kurodings@gmail.com
Price + shipping!
I'm from Germany, so shipping to the US is more expensive. :( that’s why you mostly have to pay the shipping and package instead of the item.

Laruku - A Paris photobook 5€
Laruku - L'7 tour 2008 trans Asia via Paris Photobook 5€

Hyde - Seasons Call Single 3€

MONTHLY VAMPS (vol. 1-13 ) with Holder - 10€ all
VAMPS TIMES (Fanclub) 6€ all

The only things I want more for:
Moon Child Photobook 40€
Faith Photobook 25€
666 Photobook 20€

DEARS vol. 11 (GACKT Fanclub Magazine)

Arena 2009.07 - GLAY, GACKT, the Gazette, VAMPS, Nightmare, Alice Nine ...
Newsmaker 5 No. 208 - 2006 - HYDE, Acid Android (1€ each)