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Jessicka Fodera
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The Livejournal Jessicka Fodera Appreciation Community.

We have a few rules to make the community a nicer place.

٠NO non-Jessicka related community promotion is allowed. Keeping this in mind, only promote each community once. Anyone who doesn't pay attention to this rule will be removed from the members list and their entry deleted.
٠Post large entries/pictures/surveys behind a cut- <*lj-cut*>Your text here<*/lj-cut*> (remove stars)
٠When you've joined, tell us a bit about you in an intro post. (You can use the form below to help)
٠Homophobic/racist remarks in any form will not be tolerated
٠Fight starters and bitchy members will be banned instantly.
٠Please keep on the topic of Miss Fodera & her projects & bands. Related/similar artists & musical genre promotion & posts are okay too.

If there is anything you are concerned about or feel uncomfortable with, please let us know.
We're here to help.
Moderators: vienna_star & tragicxdisco.

Promotion Banners
made by razorbladexsky

For those who know
Jessicka is Queen

Intro Form

♥Joj/Scarling. song//

_Personal opinions
♥Gay rights//
♥Something you hold a strong opinion to//

♥A lyric that describes your life//
♥Tell me something interesting about yourself//
♥Post a few pictures (if you want)//

The only reason we have a form is so we know a little about who is joining.
(all Jessicka fans are welcome regardless of their appearance, musical tastes, etc.)