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Hunter Princess

Are you a hunter princess?

The Life and Times of Grown Up (Hunter) Princesses
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_hunterprincess is phoenix_igniton and alwaysregal's brainchild - an outgrowth of their frustration with LJ Equestrian Communities, their love of the COTH boards, and alwaysregal's infamous ridingincollege.

Thus we present _hunterprincess - a community for the mature (21+ please) hunter/jumper rider. Most of us are amateurs, most of us are not able to be at the barn as much as we'd like, and ALL of us love to take virtual shopping sprees with the aid of Ebay, the internet, and our trusty Dover catalogs. We drool over events like Devon and Rolex, we own far more horse gear then we will ever need, we take (and post) horse photos by the dozen and above all - we love our sport.
We are the horse-crazy kids who grew up - fabulous!

The Rules (More or Less)
~ This is an adult community. 21+, with some exceptions. No one in high school, please.
~ Since we're adults, we can all type correctly. So please use correct spelling and grammar.
~ Act like adults and treat each other like adults. No spam, no drama, no flaming.
~ Use LJ-cuts. There's no excuse not to. If you're posting pictures - LJ CUT IT.
~ Yes, it's called hunter princess. Yes, all disciplines are welcome. No, we don't want to fight about whether hunters or dressage is better or about which sport is "wrong" or any of that. Take it elsewhere.
~ Have fun! That's the entire point of this :)

Don't see the entries? That's because we're FRIENDS ONLY. Follow the instructions and join to get to the good stuff!

To Join
Go to the First Post and submit your survey answers as a comment.
Then Join the Community - you will then be admitted by the moderators.
If you don't post the survey, you'll be rejected, simple as that.

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