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The Scholar's Centre for the Humanities

"We're not geniuses, we're just better than you"

The Scholar's Centre For The Humanities
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What is Humanities? For many in the program, it is one of the best experiences of their entire lives. For those who aren't in the program, it is merely some stupid thing where the smart kids get smarter. If they only knew.

Just remember Humanitarians. We aren't "geniuses", we're just better than everyone else.

This community is for every student who has ever had to do a pointless project, ever had to stay up all night to finish a paper they were assigned two weeks beforehand, or ever just had a bad day relating to Humanities. Not only this, but the Humanities community is for the good things relating to Humanities. Every memory you have, every time you've been cheered up just by entering your classroom, every life changing experience that Humanities has caused. This community is for you, the Humanitarian.