grad tickets

This is just to H2K5:

If anyone is not using all of their graduation tickets, could I please bum two tickets off of you? I would seriously love you forever. thanks a ton guys!


full circle.

hey guys...

who remembers the infamous CAMPOUT from freshman year? well, i'm having another one, after everybody told me to. my grad part is june 26th, and that night (to the morning of the 27th) we're all doing the campout thing. so if you were there at the first one (or even if you missed out, and i like you) you'd best get your ass over here.

if you are interested, comment.


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gradiation party thing?
this is basically for h2k5 but if you are in another grade and are my friend or at least think you are my friend just let me know.
tuesday june 21st at my house around 7. i'll give directions.
rsvp soon please please please please on here or im/email ( or call me or tell me in school or leave me a note on my car just rsvp.
it is just going to be a little get together with some food. pretty much open invite but i need to know if you're coming beforehand.

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THINGS I NEED BACK FROM HUMANITIES (and/or members of h2k5):
1) my vanilla frosting lip smackers lipgloss from the time capsule
2) a brown wooden bracelet with black hearts held together by hemp.
3) three years wasted

i believe i will have to retrieve item # 1 from mrs. blood myself.
i would appreciate if you guys can work together to get #2 back.
and # 3 is a joke. obviously, HAHA.

(ps, thanks for the invite guys)

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humanities class of 2005--
lyceum. yeah. i wish we could have had a real one.
but it was a lot of fun reminiscing anyway. we should do more.
i'm not looking back with rose-tinted hindsight. there were rough times and things that i wish wouldn't have happened. regrets. but there was never a time that i did not love being a part of h2k5.
so...thank you.


my masterfull detective abilities have found the chicken and ribs on 9. thus we can have chicken ::cue applause:: I'll bring in the particulars tomorrow but the only thing is that they don't deliver soooo we need someone to pick it up [they open, convenietly at 11 in the am] to spare us from ostendorf freaking out can someone please check tonite if their parent can bring it to the school [the place is by perkins on 9]

thank ya, steph