Fierce Flawless (asmileforsin) wrote in _humanities,
Fierce Flawless

Some options to consider

This is completely random, but I feel like no one told me this, so I think I'll just tell you guys. Take it or leave it:

Take a year off between high school and college. Seriously. A lot of people regret not doing it, but think of the things you'll be able to do in the process: travel, work, spend some time thinking about what you want to do with your life, spend time learning what you don';t want to do with your life, be independent (and not in the bullshit way that college let's you be "indepepndent" (cause it's really false independence)), etc.

Fight the system...graduate early. As far as I know from the teachers to whom I've spoken about it, no one in the FRHSD has graduated early. I don't regret my senior year because I made the best friends I have ever had, but I do wish I had considerred graduating early. Contrary to what they tell you, you can do it. You can even get into college without getting an official HS diploma, if they refuse to give you one. I know a lot of Humanitarians (and smart students at large) get really fed up and frustrated with high school (which makes sense), just know that you don't actually have to take it for four years. I promise you there is nothing that senior year will teach you that you could not learn out in the "real world".
or take independent studies. if graduating a year early doesn't appeal to you but you want to actually LEARN something your senior year, set up an independent study. The student handbook actually does set up a provision for this (I think), and all you need is a teacher who is willing to supervise and grade what you're doing. This way you can take a course in Sociology, or law, or even something amazingly interesting (IMHO) like the history of eastern art or post-colonial societies in developing nations. You'll have to fight for it, but it'd REALLY be worth it, because I promise you there is very little to learn in Howell High School as a senior, even if you load up on APs.

If you don't want to do the same old Humanities shit in college, apply to schools with different curriculums. While most people want to breeze thru college (and who can blame them?) There's A LOT to be said for a fascinating class in new works. Seriously, do you really want college to be high school all over again (I know I don't)? A lot of college actually don't make you take that bullshit intro to Lit. course that rereads the Oddysey and other books you've already bullshitted your way thru. For example, at Bard College in our first year seminar we only have one book in common with the humanities curriculum out of about 20 some-odd books that we read. After that, you can choose lit classes and art classes that challenge you and aren't the same old shit. But look around. Lots of colleges have amazing programs. You just have to search. A flashy name doesn't mean you'll learn much.

That's basically all I have to say. It's mostly cause I wish I had known this shit more straight out when I was going into my senior year. You can be absolutely happy as is. In that case, don't listen to me. But just in case, just know this is out there, and feel free to e-mail me (just ask me what it is in a comment or something...the one on my info page doesn't work anymore) or IM me or something and I'll help you out. I'll even hunt down Mrs. Deurbig and tell her why you should be allowed to have everyhting you want. seriously.

Anyway, much love and happy holidays,
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