June 3rd, 2005

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humanities class of 2005--
lyceum. yeah. i wish we could have had a real one.
but it was a lot of fun reminiscing anyway. we should do more.
i'm not looking back with rose-tinted hindsight. there were rough times and things that i wish wouldn't have happened. regrets. but there was never a time that i did not love being a part of h2k5.
so...thank you.

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THINGS I NEED BACK FROM HUMANITIES (and/or members of h2k5):
1) my vanilla frosting lip smackers lipgloss from the time capsule
2) a brown wooden bracelet with black hearts held together by hemp.
3) three years wasted

i believe i will have to retrieve item # 1 from mrs. blood myself.
i would appreciate if you guys can work together to get #2 back.
and # 3 is a joke. obviously, HAHA.

(ps, thanks for the invite guys)