May 19th, 2005

take back the lyceum!

h2k5. need input. comment.

Dear Mrs. Duerbig,

The Senior Lyceum is one of the most looked-forward to events in the Humanities program. As we end our senior year facing the numerous opportunities ahead of us, the Lyceum offers opportunities of another kind. It is the opportunity to learn and share about topics that interest us. It is the opportunity to reminisce about the good times we had and the teachers who have made an impact on us. Most importantly, it is the opportunity to come together as a class, with any imperfections we may have, and realize what we have learned--not only about the humanities, but about ourselves and each other. The Humanities curriculum is extensive and rigorous but seems meager in comparison to the life lessons we learn in the four years of program and which we want to celebrate.
We have been to lyceums of the classes before us and we have all looked forward to ours with great excitement. Since freshman year we have talked about which superlatives we would give to our teachers. We have all been touched by the closeness of classes before us as they gave superlatives and told stories about one another at their lyceums. These seemingly trivial things are just as important as any academic material we have learned in Humanities, because the relationships with each other and experiences we have had are what help shape us into the students we are today, weeks away from our high school graduation. The Senior Lyceum is a time to reflect upon those things.
We are not so naïve to believe that everyone in preceding classes was best friends with everyone else, just as we realize this is not the case with our class. However, we are confident that our class can be respectful of each other and all guests in a lyceum environment. We all feel comfortable doing the traditional lyceum activities, and that in itself shows that we are mature enough to do so. We trust ourselves and each other to conduct the lyceum in the way it has always been presented to us. Now all we need is your trust and faith in our ability to pull together as a class when we need to, something for which all Humanities classes are known.
The Senior Lyceum means too much to each of us to make it anything less than the excellent event it truly is. We are simply asking to have the same opportunities that the lyceum has offered in the past. Thank you.
The Scholars’ Center for the Humanities
Class of 2005