March 10th, 2005

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hey everyone! i just finished the Buddy Day survey and the cover letter and i am full of dorky humanities pride right now! ahh!

i can still remember when we were participating in Buddy Day. it seems like it was yesterday... it really does. but look how far we've come...

we are senior humanitarians

now we're running the show.

its insane. and its almost over.

im being nostalgic.

ill snap out of it in a little bit, i promise.

dara h2k5

(no subject)

ok so somehow that turned into ms. o bashing? (which i am MORE than fine with) but i was totally expecting people to be nostalgic with me! (whine whine whine) silly dara.

but seriously though guys. we're running buddy day. think about that for a second. seriously. you dont have to comment. just let that sink in.