February 28th, 2005

circa 2006

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on Sunday, March 6th (yes, this coming sunday) there will be a women's poetry reading at Coffee Blue! Doors open at 7, first poet at 7:30. There'll be a 3 dollar cover charge, which is totally worth it.

I'll be reading plus a bunch of awesome female poets from around the state. It'd be awesome if everyone showed, male, female, whatever. To boot, Coffee Blue has the best coffee on the east coast, plus the best Burrito place ever (10th Ave Burrito) is right across the street.

For those of you who don't know, Coffee Blue is located at 1000 Main St. in Belmar.

I know a bunch of you write, and going to readings is the best way to get inspiration and new ideas. So please come out and show some support. The woman who organized the reading is wonderful, and her poetry will blow you away and make you laugh. Plus, I'll be there!

with love,
Anya (h2k5)