January 8th, 1970

circa 2006

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So it's like....day thee of college for me in my freshman Language and Thinking program, and I would just like to say, Humanities does help (for all yu cynics out there)

First off--our writing IS better (and Bard is full of incredible, brilliant writers). We know things like grammar and smart stuff. Seriously. Humanities is god (even tho some of us would like to forget about it)

Second--I've already learned about some of the philosophers we studied in Gosewich's (he was off on what they actually said, but at least I knew the names--Walter Benjamin, for example, who is actually pronounced "Ben-yah-meen")

Third--sophs, juniors, and seniors - come to Bard!. It's the best school ever.

Hope everything is wonderful in Howell and New Jersey
Peace and that junk