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This is why I don't use Myyearbook anymore...

caitlyn dawn:
[2:57pm] Ninja - Ninja:
[2:58pm] caitlyn dawn:
was it u who wanted to call me?
[2:59pm] Ninja - Ninja:
for the sake of a better conversation than we had last, yes.
[2:59pm] caitlyn dawn:
oo sorri i jus an sooo exhausted
[3:01pm] Ninja - Ninja:
was that what it was?
[3:01pm] caitlyn dawn:
r u mad at me?
[3:02pm] Ninja - Ninja:
No. I'm not mad at you. I don't have a reason to be mad.
[3:02pm] caitlyn dawn:
ok do u wana call me now my family is gone but i can only talk for bout 10 minutes ok?
or 20
[3:03pm] Ninja - Ninja:
you're still grounded, aren't you?
[3:03pm] caitlyn dawn:
yea she yelled at me today n i didnt talk to her at all
i ignored her n she got mad
[3:04pm] Ninja - Ninja:
Hum. That brings up a question.
[3:04pm] caitlyn dawn:
ok ask me
[3:04pm] Ninja - Ninja:
How old are you really?
[3:05pm] caitlyn dawn:
omg my step dad says u live under my roof u follow my rules so im almost 18 in bout 2 months august 20 i swear
[3:06pm] Ninja - Ninja:
so you're still 17? If you are, then why pose as 19? I don't get it.
[3:06pm] caitlyn dawn:
if u dont wana call me ok i dont care i want u 2 but i aint forceing u
[3:08pm] Ninja - Ninja:
I can't right now anyway. I have a prepaid phone and I don't have any minutes.
In any case, you still didn't answer my question...
[3:08pm] caitlyn dawn:
bout da posin of 19?
[3:08pm] Ninja - Ninja:
[3:09pm] caitlyn dawn:
ok my friend caitlyn thought this thing was suppose to b hers n it was suppose to be mine she jus turned 20
im 17 almost 18 n my name is rielgh blender kholer
[3:10pm] Ninja - Ninja: that's not even a picture of you?
[3:11pm] caitlyn dawn:
IT* I SWEAR u wld neva lie to u
do u hate me?
[3:14pm] Ninja - Ninja:
No...I don't hate you. I don't even know you.
[3:15pm] caitlyn dawn:
i knew u were gona say dat
[3:16pm] Ninja - Ninja:
What grade are you in?
[3:16pm] caitlyn dawn:
[3:18pm] Ninja - Ninja:
[3:18pm] caitlyn dawn:
why r u askin me all dis questions? i didnt try to do anything to u hurt wise i swear i liuv u alot b ut u cant feel da same bout me
[3:19pm] Ninja - Ninja:
I just want to know the truth. That's all.
[3:20pm] caitlyn dawn:
i jus told u da truth
[3:20pm] Ninja - Ninja:
Then answer one more question for me: Why did you start talking to me?
[3:21pm] caitlyn dawn:
cuz i saw ur picture n i jus thought i cld trust u n u wouldnt hurt me like anyone else
[3:22pm] Ninja - Ninja:
It's a two-way street, y'know? Plus, we live it two different world.
I can't give you anything more than a friendship. Anything deeper is just a little unreasonable.
[3:24pm] caitlyn dawn:
how? if u dont luv me tell me i dont wana think u do n get hrut
[3:26pm] Ninja - Ninja:
wait...? What?? Who said anything about love?? I don't know you! This is the second time you've ever talked to me! How do you love me??? I don't get it!
[3:26pm] caitlyn dawn:
i said u donttttt jus forget it
[3:26pm] Ninja - Ninja:
Easily. I don't get high school kids these days...
[3:27pm] caitlyn dawn:
[3:29pm] Ninja - Ninja:
I don't see who you can just up and say that you love someone just by looking at his picture...
[3:30pm] caitlyn dawn:
u want to kno da truth?
[3:32pm] Ninja - Ninja:
[3:33pm] caitlyn dawn:
i only looked at 2 ppl profile n said i liked them but one died from a car accident
[3:35pm] Ninja - Ninja:
[3:36pm] caitlyn dawn:
n i jus have a gud feelin bout u but i dont kno i dont wana cry right now but to late ok im gonin to bed
[3:36pm] Ninja - Ninja:
[3:36pm] caitlyn dawn:
like u care right?
[3:37pm] Ninja - Ninja:
It's more along the lines of "I still don't get it".
[3:37pm] caitlyn dawn:
[3:38pm] Ninja - Ninja:
why did you think that about me?
[3:38pm] caitlyn dawn:
cuz idk i jus like u
[3:43pm] Ninja - Ninja:
I just find it so hard to believe that someone could just instantly decide that someone is good for them just by looking at his picture and only know superficial information...
[3:45pm] caitlyn dawn:
i dont kno im sorri i ruined ur life
[3:46pm] Ninja - Ninja:
No you didn't. I promise. I know that sounds mean, but you really haven't.
[3:47pm] caitlyn dawn:
yea i did cuz if i didnt ruin it we wldnt b in dis sistuation
[3:48pm] Ninja - Ninja:
That sounds a little conceited when you think about it.
[3:48pm] caitlyn dawn:
i kno but its true
[3:49pm] Ninja - Ninja:
Well, I'm not devastated. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be able to sleep well tonight. I don't feel like crying. I still feel like I can move forward in life.
I think I'm doing okay. lol
Just sayin'.
My life isn't ruined. Yours shouldn't be either.
This isn't the end of the world or whatever.
[3:51pm] caitlyn dawn:
gud for u ur lucky after this i bet its goen b hard for me n mine is cuz i got in ur life n yea it is ur neva luv me (cuz u dont kno me)
i jus feel like im dying ok im goin bye
[3:55pm] Ninja - Ninja:
I think you need to get a more efficient life than the one you're living.
If you're getting this worked up about someone you don't even know.
[3:56pm] caitlyn dawn:
i wna kno u but how ?
[3:56pm] Ninja - Ninja:
what are you hoping to get by knowing me?
[3:57pm] caitlyn dawn:
[3:59pm] Ninja - Ninja:
[3:59pm] caitlyn dawn:
i do hope ok bye im ogna think wat u said
[4:00pm] Ninja - Ninja:
okay then.
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