February 22nd, 2006

Game Over Shroom

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It always takes me forever to peel a thin-skinned orange, because I refuse to use an orange peeler, but it takes me half the time to peel a thick-skinned orange for the same reason.

Also, the time directly after peeling an orange is probably the least-opportune time to type.

Are you a bad enough dude?

Y'know what sucks? Not being able to go your girlfriend's 16th birthday party because her parents found a note in her bookbag (that had no sexual content, mind you) and called her a whore. Her mother "claimed to like me", but I knew she never trusted me from the start. Now, there's basically no chance for me to spend anytime with her outside of school (considering the fact that we don't even spend that much time together in the first place). She has to lie for me almost everyday, telling her parents that I'm not going to be where ever she is. Everything we do must be on the downlow. It's risky and what pisses me off is the fact that they never take the problem up with me; they just take it out on her. She's scared. It's not right at all. Her parents are made up of nothing but pure-bread, unadulturated, flat-out ignorance.
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