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Alrighty people new Audition!!! those on the voting staff get your butts voting please! XD

  This is from Lorissa Johnson:

Lavender rolled out of her bed hitting the floor with a thump. Groaning she lifted her head and looked around the sixth year girls dormoity. She was the only one awake, it just figured didn't it? Yawning she standing up she brushed her blonde locks out of her eyes. Walking quietly over to the window she opened it up letting the early morning breeze blow in and onto her face. She sighed, she had been waking up every morning at the crack of dawn from the same dream. Running her hands over her face she shuddered at the memory of it. It was odd having the same dream that just contined over and over again. So odd that it disturbed Lavender and barely anything did that too the mystical young girl.

She was skilled in Divination and she thought that she had a hint of Seer in her blood as she had found a rumored anscestor. She knew that Seer blood was passed down from generation to generation, sometimes laying dormant for years. She had thought that she had seen a premontion over the summer but had dismissed it as folly when her and Parvarti laughed over it in the common room. Although she told her best friend everything this she didn't share, that was a sure sign of how much it disturbed the sixteen year old girl.

Brushing the thoughts impatiently from her mind she set to getting dressed in her Hogwarts uniform, today was the last day of exam's so she tucked the brand new bathing suit into her bag aswell, she and Parvarti had intended to go swimming. Shutting the door softly behind her she tip toed her way down the stone steps and out of the common room, the Fat Lady's complaints following her down the hall.

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