January 20th, 2005


We need the following people played. I think its best if one person takes the whole deck of cards, the stagehands, and faculty. Please pick someone your character would most likely play with. Im claiming Malcolm and Goyle now because they play w/ the Tweedles who their ooc player (Winston/Roger) wont be available for awhile. In parentheses is in who's LJ you can find the Empty Players.

Walrus: Gregory Goyle (draco)
Carpenter: Malcolm Baddock (draco)
Dodo: Anthony Goldstein (harry)
Bill: Colin Creevey (harry)
Caterpillar: Ernie Macmillan (ron)
King of Hearts: Justin Finch-Fletchley (cho)

the flowers:
Lavender Brown (christina)
Hannah Abbott (christina)
Padma Patil (ginny)
Lisa Turpin (ginny)

deck of cards: (ara)
underclassmen, like Dennis Creevey

other stagehands:
Dean Thomas (draco)
Seamus Finnigan (draco)
Terry Boot (hermione)

supervising faculty:
Mcgonagall (ginny/draco)
Dumbledore (roger)
Flitwick (cho)

props and costume design:
Parvati Patil (christina)
Eloise Midgen (gina)
Susan Bones (gina)
Neville Longbottom (ara)

Im trying to split the empty roles among the 5 active people right now, thats why it looks like Im giving people a lot to take on. When Harry and Hermione's players come back, we can either give them some of the chars we took on, or add more people to the play.