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(If this isn't allowed, Gin or Cho tell me and I'll put it in my regular LJ :o) )

Hello, hello!

I was thinking recently...we only have a couple members, (one of which has never posted) so we need to start advertising more!

I have two banners that you can use to advertise if you have none, as long as you upload them to your own server (www.imageshack.us can do it for free).


-we take original characters
-the book characters that we need (or just name a few and say "and many more" or something
-We're nice and friendly and get along and all that :oP
-we allow third person posts
-or anything else that you find is important!

I've joined a BUNCH of LJ communities, so if you go to my userinfo you can find lots of communitites to put promos in.

Before you advertise in a community, make sure:

~that no one else in our community has posted there within the same week. Why? Because if we post an ad more than once a week it will most likely just piss people off in that community and they probably won't join after that. Also, LJ can get rid of a community that advertises too much, and that would suck if that happened to us.

~That you read the community's rules and the rules allow promo posting. It's just plain rude if you post an ad if it's not allowed, and, yet again, it will piss people off.

~That you're nice! :oD

Yaythanks, and GET PROMOTING!!!


~Your loving and caring Hermione/Shelly :oP
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