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dang you guys i totally forgot to tell you all i was going on vacation last weekend but then when i got back, i got a urinary infection and ew i had to go to the hospital and i just got off my heavy painkillers (bought them on accident oops!) but im okay now and im kinda back but there doesnt seem to be much action so keep up the work ppl! dont quit!


Hi guys! here's parvati's journal and i hope you guys have fun with her. she's a total snot and a brat and clueless and sometimes stuck up and annoying. kind of like Jackie from That 70's Show & Summer from The OC. LOVE HER! Lavender/Lorissa, we must rp soon.


Daily Prophet News Update

The Ministry of Magic has issued a new set of Hogwarts student laws. With rumours spreading about the Dark Lord's return and the students in a panic, Headmistress Dolores Umbridge has taken it upon herself to help reduce stress among the students. As for the Dark Lord's return, Dolores Umbridge assures that no such thing will occur, and that these are merely rumours. "The new laws put into effect immediately will assure students that they are safe", Umbridge is quoted saying. She is the co-writer, along with Cornelius Fudge himself. They read as follows: 

Student LawsCollapse )

When asked about the new laws, one student replied "I think theyre wonderful, taking off those classes really takes a lot of unecessary stress off, especially having to worry about working with those vicious animals in Care of Magical Creatures..." So it seems another success at improving life for Hogwarts students is awarded to Headmistress Umbridge, bravo!

yay everyone i'm here!

so if you haven't noticed i've not been rp for like two and a half weeks...why you ask? well when i got back from my ski trip we didn't have any water at my house, and then once we did get it back, we didn't have hot water for three days...and then boy drama insued...and i've got guard three nights a week play practice four nights a week, family groups on wednesdays, competitions on saturdays, church and volutneering sundays...so i've been busy and stressed out with pre cal and the ever popular ap chem but you needen't fear, because as of right now ronnikins is back, I'm terribly sorry I've been gone for so long!


the play will be Monday (Feb. 21st aka Presidents Day). So much for trying to set a plot foundation at rehearsals. You know, lots of people together, some love interests, fights may spark among the girls, boys prank the girls.

But the plot bunny is dragging and we're just going to do it already. Bah! Look for the post.

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The Next Hogsmeade trip is this weekend, thanks to Shelly who reminded me that we havent had one in way awhile.

So on Saturday and sunday be sure to get your posts in and if you see the other members on AIM be sure to tell them also.

Also remember Hogsmeade posts are made in the community __dissendium , and I'm not sure if Carissa has joined yet. If you havent, heres an invite for you

Invite for Cariisa slash Draco

Thanks and see you all at Hogsmeade

Luv Jax/Cho Ravenclaw Mod