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The Untold Stories of Hogwarts
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Below are the 19 most recent journal entries recorded in Untold Stories of Hogwarts (a RP game)'s LiveJournal:

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Thursday, December 29th, 2005
11:16 am

_belong_belong: Find out where you belong, a great sorting community! We have Quidditch, classes, clubs, competitions, and lots of other great activities!

Please remember to say that usrweirdos referred you! We’ll get points for it.

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Saturday, July 30th, 2005
5:55 pm

This may be an abandoned sight, but I still feel this is necessary

Happy Birthday Neville Longbottom!Collapse )

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Monday, July 25th, 2005
10:45 pm

For anyone who stumbles across this abandoned community, there is something that must be said, and will be said:

This cut involves swearing. So be warned if you are easily shocked or offended. It has something to do with R/Hr shippersCollapse )

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1:36 pm
Hi Everybody!!

I just wanted to inform everyone that the Official Mugglenet.com Live Journal Community has been created, and is officially open. It was created to serve as a haven for all Harry Potter fans, and can be accessed by searching the user name muggle_net or by clicking on the link below. Join, and share comments, questions, requests, suggestions, information, news, fan art, fan fiction, your love for the Harry Potter series, both movie and book, and anything else.


I hope to see you there. If these type of posts are not allowed, im sorry.

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
11:37 pm

A small notice to all those who dwell here, or wish to dwell here:

This Rp game has been abandoned. We ran out of idea's, people stopped coming on, and new games were introduced.

If you wish to join a related Rp, please take a gander at:



Very good rp-games.

We tried many times to bring this game back to life, but it lost all interest and died.

Hope you consider the above communities.


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Saturday, April 16th, 2005
3:56 pm
Kaya let out a soft grunting like noise, her blue eyes staring down at the food that sat infront of her. She didn't want to really be here, she just.. was.

".. Not hungry..." Her lips parted, the words excaping. She suddenly yawned... staying up late to do extra homework, to bring her grades up, had only given her a few hours to sleep. Dark rings were under her eyes, telling those that saw them that she didn't sleep much anyways.

Her head shook, as she stood up, walking from the table, her arms crossed. She wanted to wander the halls, be away from all the noise that was going on around her currently. Exiting the room, she let her eyes scan over the hall, making sure no one was going to try to come up and start a 'friendly' conversation. Seeing no one, at first, she went down the wall, walking her normal slow pace.

Her arms fell to her side, as humming was heard coming from her. Her hands jammed down into her jeaned pockets, her eyes shutting. She listened for any noises, while continuing her walk. 'Quiet.. perfect.'

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5:00 am
1)Name: Kaya Naru
2)Age: 15
3)Status : Student
4)House : Slytherin
5)General description : Dark brown hair, light, creepy blue eyes, pale skin, always has on black eyeliner, dark clothing when not in school uniform.
5)Brief Biography: She dislikes people, from the house she's in or not. She was sent to Hogwarts after her twin sister and parents died.. along with the rest of the village she lived in. She doesn't want to get to close to people, so tends to keep to herself.

She gazed towards the fight, or on-coming fight, a blank look on her face. She had been transfured there not to long ago, and knew no one, not that she cared. Hearing interesting phrases being spoken, she shook her head.

'Bras?.. Why were those brought up...? Oh..' She blinked at the girl with the see through shirt, then shook her head softly. She mummered something to herself, while scooting away from the group that was forming. The word she had spoken beneath her breath sounded somewhat similar to 'Idiots.'

((OOC: o_o Is this alright?.. Just checking, cause.. I don't want people yelling at me.. and yea...))

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Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
11:24 am
1)Name: Riana Kilbride
2)Age: 17
3)Status (student, teacher or 'other' - if so state who aka 'Draco's' father):student, Friend of Draco, but trying to be more
4)House (Or Alumni of which House): Slytherin
5)General description (hair colour, eye colour etc): Blond hair, green eyes
5)Brief Biography: I have been friends with Draco for a very long time and watched as things between him and Pansy have changed. I keep wishing I could get in the middle of it all and stop it because i just know she's wrong for him but there's nothing i can do.

I was watching the group in the common room again. The were all sitting on the couches and having fun. I sat on the far side of the room, watching Draco, wishing I coud be sitting with him.
I was lost in thought when I heard " Riana, Riana.." I looked up and Draco was calling me.
"Come on over and sit with us"
Smiling, I got up and went over. As I sat down, Pansy gave me a look that told me I was as good as dead. I don't know why she thinks that anything is happening, because Draco is obviously in love with her.

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Saturday, March 19th, 2005
10:05 pm
All aboard!
This train is interesting, I must say. The English do have style. My name is Eden Malfoy I am 16 years old and a long way from home. I transferred from the New Salem Institute of Magic in America to Hogwarts. According to my mom, she met my father as an exchange student in college. The two were married and they moved back to Massachusetts. However dad has decided he wants me to be educated around "family". He doesn't talk much about what he left in England. I just know that the Malfoy name is quite prominent in England, and that I have a cousin my age in the school. I have been told I have to get sorted into a house when the train arrives. I wonder if I will be with my cousin, I think his name is Drake or something like that. On a nice note I met Harry Potter the morning, or to be more precise, I saw him when I got on the train. He noticed me and gave me an odd look. It is quite obvious I'm not a first year. I have what my dad jokingly calls "Malfoy good looks". Light almost white blonde hair, gray eyes, and a slim build. I closed my new diary, and glanced out the window of the train. Well entry one complete. Voices carry down the hall,
"almost there!." I sigh to myself and look once more to my left, seeing a castle looming in the distance. Welcome to Hogwarts.

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Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
8:27 pm
BRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It's so cold!! I want to go back to my house! I don't like it here! That girl was mean. She could've been nicer.

Sopping from head to foot, I slowly trudged back to my house. It was a really long walk, and the weight of my wet clothes slowed me down, and made it a lot harder to walk, despite the fact they were in tatters, and I was barely wearing anything anyway.

I suddenly felt great sorrow, like I was missing something. Whatever it was, I really really missed it, and I really wanted it back.

I suddenly let out a short yell, and fell to my knees on the hard gravel. I had a huge pain in my head, like something was trying to scratch it's way out! I clenched my eyes shut, fighting back the already triumphant tears from falling to my cheeks.

Last thing I remember was blacking out.

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Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
7:02 pm
I leant back in my chair. I watched Neville stare out of the train window. He was probably thinking about going to see his parents. I leant towards him, putting my hand over his, and he jumped. I smiled.
"Thinking about them?" I asked.
He nodded, and smiled a little.
"Yup," he said in a very quiet voice. He nodded for a few seconds and then returned to staring out of the window.
I sat back, taking my hand away. As soon as I did, he held it back out. I looked at him sideways and took his hand. He pulled me towards him and I sat next to him. He turned to look at me.
"Thank you."
I looked at him.
"For what?" I asked.
"Agreeing to come with me," he explained.
"It's nothing. You'd have done the same for me, I mean if I'd asked you to, right?"
I squeezed his hand a little. He nodded.
"Of course."
I leant my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around me and I felt myself drifting off to sleep as I closed my eyes and thought about what it would be like...

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3:39 pm
They were fighting again! I spun around

"FINNIGAN!" I shouted "GET OFF HIM!"

I tugged Seamus away forcibly. "Detention, Finnigan"

I looked at me in outrage "HE!" he pointed at Zabini "TRIED TO STEAL MY GIRLFRIEND!!"

I rasied an eyebrow and looked at Blaise "You tried to steal his girlfriend?"

Blaise grinned, and was just about to open his mouth- when Seamus cut across "AYE, HE BLOODY WELL DID!"

"Shut up Finnigan." I muttered "You're both so immature! Stealing each others girlfrinds" I shook my head, smirking at Blaise "And you're meant to be a smart one"

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Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
10:44 pm
You fool! You insulted the Head girl!

I quickly tried to change the subject to someone else. And, who might be closest, but Pansy!

"Don't you have a lot of black bra's, Pansy?" I smirked to myself, watching her turn red.

She just kinda looked down, and folded her arms across her chest, and made her way out through the crowd. Head girl still didn't look too pleased though. She took a step up to me, and stared down at me.

"You little pervert-" and she began to raise her hand, but then shouting had started, and she was knocked into me.

"ARGH! GET OFF ME YOU LITTLE TWERP!!" I heard Zabini's voice shout.

"YOU FUCKING TWAT! YOU LEAVE HER ALONE!!" I head Finningan growl.

When I finally let go of the head girl, and moved her from view, I cracked up laughing! Finnigan was on top of Blaise, beating against his chest, while Blaise was holding him at arms length.

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4:41 pm
I walked over to the so called "fight" with Draco. He pushed everyone ou of the way so we could see what was going on. Then he said something that made me hit his arm...

"I always like girls in black bras"

My mouth droped open... I smacked his arm just as the girl turned around.

"How dare you say something like that" I said, I was very pissed. She did look more pissed than I was so I stood there as she moved toward him. He looked very embarressed... "He should be" I thought.

"Pardon" She said loudly... I could see through her shirt, how unlady like of her. I put my hand on my hip and glared at Draco, waiting for him to explain why he had said that.

He looked from me to Deava. "I was just stating the truth" He shurged and looked as if he had done nothing wrong. "Dont you have alot of black bras pansy" He raised an eyebrow to me and smirked.

I felt my face go totally red "I... I ... um.. "

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4:17 pm
I looked up from my food again to see a large group forming around Blaise and someone.... I didnt know. So I stood up and made my way over there. Since there was such a large group I pushed my way up to the front to see a girl that was soaked pull the two boys apart. I smiled when I noticed that you could see her bra... and as if some one read my mind I heard a voice come from behind her,

"I always like girls in black bras" Draco said with a smirk, But then the girl turned around and the smrik faded off his face.

I giggled at the mess Draco had gotten himself into. I took my hand and pulled it out of my eyes and looked back at the two boys in the middle of the circle that were glaring daggers at each other!

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1:08 pm
"GET OFF! LUNA!" Ron shouted,pushing her off him, she rolled away giggling.

I sighed, a little inpatiently "Can we please talk busness now?"

Ginny looked at me thoughtfully, resisting the urge to giggle at Ron being molested again.

"OH! Honestly!" i said loudly, crossing my arms.

"'Mione!" Ron squeaked, being pulled down to the floor by Luna, who immediatly wrapped her body around him, kissing under his jaw line.

"Maybe we should talk about this later?" Ginny said, laughing.

"Oh...fine!" I said, throwing my arms up. I started to walk away.

"Hermione! Luna!" Ron called, panicking.

Ginny followed me and turned baclk, smirking. "You tell her, Ron. Tell that Luna!"

We both walked off down the hall, giggling.

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5:58 pm
I muttered angrily "Mum knitted this for me"

"Oh Ron! She knits the same one every year! That fact that you destroyed one won't kill her!" Ginny answered, heatedly

"Who lit the fuse on your tampon?" Luna asked me, and I backed away quickly. Blushing madly at the word Tampon.

"You're mad!" I pointed out

"Took you this long to notice?" Hermione laughed to herself, beside me. I backed away more.

"Don't come near me!"

...and she dived hugged me

"GET OFF! LUNA!" I shouted,pushing her off me, she rolled away giggling.

Hermione sighed, a little inpatiently "Can we please talk busness now?"

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1:00 pm
I stumbled back after Blaise let go of me again, and fell against one of the House tables. raking my hair out of my eyes, I caught a glipse of what was going on through the crowd that seemed to circle them. Around me, people were shouting in my ear, and I couldn't see them. I shouted, but couldn't be heard.

I got pushed aside by someone, and stumbled off to the side. Not knowing what else to do, I pushed my way throught he crowd, and exited the Great Hall on the other side.

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5:55 pm
I stepped into the great hall, and stopped, chants of "FIGHT!FIGHT!FIGHT!"
swam around the room. I threw my hands up and dropped my shoes by the door, forgetting about my shirt, and wet clothes, I stormed into the room.

"THATS IT! BREAK IT UP! THATS ENOUGH! ZABINI! GET OF HIM YOU FOOL!You'll flatten him! Your twice his size!"

I pulled them both apart forcefully, and they both glared at me.

i rolled my eyes, until someone behind me muttered "I always like girls in black bras"

I spun around "Pardon?!" I shouted, spinning around to face an embarresed Draco Malfoy

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