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Harry Potter

Harry Potter Fan
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to Harry Potter Fanatics, a Harry Potter community. Weather you like the books, the movies, or both you are certainly welcome here, mate.

Here you can discuss the books, the movies, post graphics such as : icons, banners, colorbars, also share your surveys, fan art, fan fics. If it says Harry Potter in it, it belongs here.

1. Be nice to everyone. Drama will not be tolerated.
2. Promotion regarding Harry Potter and Harry Potter ONLY. (anything else will be deleted.)
3. All images, 3 icons+, long text entries, spoilers of any kind, go under an LJ-cut. What is an LJ-cut?
FOR NOW EVERYTHING HALF BLOOD PRINCE related is considered a spoiler.
4. Keep the content PG-13. (if you feel tempted to not do so, use an LJ-cut and warn the members about the content behind it).
5. No Gossip/Rumors, no pointless entries. This includes, "Hi, i'm new" posts. (For this purpose we have a intro-survey, that we encourage you to use!)Anything irrelevant, will be deleted. This is a Moderated community.
6. We're not grammar freaks here, but be kind to us by not ABUSING AIM language (i.e. GTG, BRB, lalala) and also typing lYkE ThIs is NOT tolerated .
7. Have Fun. :) .
8. Break one of these rules and besides from getting rocks thrown at you, you'll be banned!

Fill this survey out once you've joined, so we can get to know you better.

spread the love by copying and pasting this on your info. REMEBER to upload the image to your own server.

Find out in which house you belong- hogwartssorting
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Harry Potter Icon Challenge- hp_stillness

Join my communities - brashandbitter & - 0h_soboicrzy

if interested in being one e-mail me.   

Coding for the layout made by so_ducky. Everything else made me, your mod xxsofyxx. Steal and your hands will get cut off.