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Claim All Things Harry Potter

Accio Claims!!

Harry Potter Claims
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
★ Please scroll down for the claims list)

Ten claims per person.

★Two extra claims are awarded if you link this community on your userinfo.

★Please check the Claims List before posting a claim.

No flaming other people in the community. You will be banned, and your claims will be removed. Also, we will hate you forever and might just peel your skin off and boil it in spaghetti water. Nasty, huh?

★We encourage you to post Harry-Potter-related theories, news, ramblings and reviews in this community.

★You must be a member of the community in order to claim.

★You can promote other claiming communities and Harry Potter-related communities here. But please keep the advertisement rate reasonable.

★Claims posted as comments will be ignored.

★For every person who states that they came here per your recommendation, you get four extra claims.

★Basilisk animus_mentis
★Buckbeak dirrtygenie
★Crookshanks raggdoll23
★Fang krissielee
★Fawkes raggdoll23
★Ferret!Draco krissielee
★Fluffy seaweavle
★Hedwig my_onlyone_67
★James Potter in stag form devonmalfoy
★Millicent's cat eska_rina
★Nagini bloomsmistress
★Norbert armandru
★Pigwidgeon arilovesgogurt
★Remus Lupin in werewolf form devonmalfoy
★Sirius Black in dog form divine_serenity
★Thestrals sparklinblossom

★Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets dancingironchef
★Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire bloomsmistress
★Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix my_onlyone_67
★Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban divine_serenity
"What do you mean I'm not brave in bed?" --Harry, OotP llamaism

★Firebolt {Harry Potter} dancingironchef
★Nimbus 2001 {Draco Malfoy} krissielee

★Arithmancy krissielee
★Astronomy divine_serenity
★Charms krissielee
★Defense Against the Dark Arts divine_serenity
★Divination krissielee
★Potions krissielee
★Transfiguration dancingironchef

★Triwizard Tournament, the dancingironchef
★Quidditch World Cup, the livluvbrnanddie

★Acid Pops krissielee
★Bloodpops framedinblood
★Butterbeer slipbucketlove
★Chocolate Frogs bloomsmistress
★Firewhisky krissielee
★Fizzing Whizbees sparklinblossom
★Ice Pops krissielee
★Pumpkin Juice animus_mentis
★Ton-Tongue Toffeesthe_fairy_bitch

★Bloody Baron, the animus_mentis
★Moaning Myrtle livluvbrnanddie
★Nearly-Headless Nick armandru
★Peeves livluvbrnanddie

★Daniel Radcliffe prgmonae
★Emma Watson the_fairy_bitch
★James Phelps raggdoll23
★Justin Finch-Fletchley's combover slipbucketlove
★Lucius Malfoy's hair bow slipbucketlove
★Oliver Phelps raggdoll23
★"Prisoner of Azkaban" the movie prgmonae
★Rupert Grint pouty_giles
★Remus Lupin's old-time record player slipbucketlove
★Remus Lupin's swing music collection slipbucketlove
★Rupert Grint pouty_giles
★Sean Biggerstaff pouty_giles
★Tom Felton devonmalfoy

★Dudley Dursley arilovesgogurt
★Piers Polkiss arilovesgogurt

★Cane, snake {Lucius Malfoy} framedinblood
★Crystal ball {Sybil Trelawney} divine_serenity
Dailey Prophet, the arilovesgogurt
★Diary {Tom Riddle} animus_mentis
★Fang earring {Bill Weasley} livluvbrnanddie
★Ford Anglia {the Weasleys} dirrtygenie
★Glasses {Harry Potter} krissielee
★Gryffindor scarves prgmonae
★Hand of Glory animus_mentis
★Hogwarts Express, the the_fairy_bitch
★Lion hat {Luna Lovegood} slipbucketlove
Magical Me by Gilderoy Lockhart slipbucketlove
★Harry's scarf ____qandnotu
★Marauder's Map, the raggdoll23
★Muggle clothes {Harry Potter} divine_serenity
★Pensieve {Albus Dumbledore} krissielee
★Prefect badge {Ron Weasley} llamaism
★Quikspell Course {Argus Filch} krissielee
★Radish earrings {Luna Lovegood} slipbucketlove
★Robes, billowy {Severus Snape} framedinblood
★Robes, Ravenclaw slipbucketlove
★Scar {Harry Potter} llamaism
★Sneer {Draco Malfoy} animus_mentis
★Sorting Hat, the raggdoll23
★Sword {Godric Gryffindor} my_onlyone_67
★Tie {Draco Malfoy} krissielee
★Tie {Harry Potter} krissielee
★Tie {Tom Riddle} krissielee
★Time Turner, the raggdoll23
★Veil, the devonmalfoy

Other Characters
★Argus Filch the_fairy_bitch
★Aunt Marge llamaism
★Bartemius Crouch Junior the_fairy_bitch
★Bellatrix Lestrange framedinblood
★Bill Weasley livluvbrnanddie
★Cornelius Fudge framedinblood
★Dobby dancingironchef
★James Potter devonmalfoy
★Lily Potter devonmalfoy
★Lucius Malfoy framedinblood
★Morag MacDougal eska_rina
★Mr. Ollivander arilovesgogurt
★Peter Pettigrew devonmalfoy
★Remus Lupin devonmalfoy
★Rita Skeeter livluvbrnanddie
★Sirius Black divine_serenity
★Tom Riddle framedinblood
★Voldemort {not Tom Riddle} devonmalfoy
★Weird Sisters, the arilovesgogurt

★12 Grimmauld Place raggdoll23
★Azkaban Prison bloomsmistress
★Beauxbatons krissielee
★Beyond the Veil devonmalfoy
★Burrow, the pouty_giles
★Department of Mysteries, the arilovesgogurt
★Durmstrang krissielee
★Flourish & Blotts krissielee
★Godric's Hollow krissielee
★Great Hall, the livluvbrnanddie
★Gryffindor Common Room, the raggdoll23
★Hogsmeade divine_serenity
★Hogwarts Castle dancingironchef
★Honeydukes the_fairy_bitch
★Hufflepuff Common Room sparklinblossom
★Knockturn Alley animus_mentis
★Library {of Hogwarts} raggdoll23
★Malfoy Manor krissielee
★Number Four Privet Drive the_fairy_bitch
★Office of Severus Snape framedinblood
★Prefect's bathroom slipbucketlove
★Queerditch Marsh krissielee
★Ravenclaw Common Room thisiamdenied
★Room of Requirement dirrtygenie
★Riddle House, the slipbucketlove
★Shrieking Shack, the my_onlyone_67
★Slytherin Common Room, the animus_mentis

★Calming Draught krissielee
★Draught of the Living Death animus_mentis
★Elixir of Life krissielee
★Polyjuice Potion the_fairy_bitch
★Veritaserum arilovesgogurt

★Albus Dumbledore dancingironchef
★Minerva McGonagall armandru
★Remus Lupin divine_serenity
★Severus Snape dancingironchef
★Sybil Trelawney animus_mentis

★Cedric/Voldemort krissielee
★Draco/Ginny animus_mentis
★Draco/Harry krissielee
★Ginny/Draco animus_mentis
★Harry/Draco krissielee
★Harry/Hermione divine_serenity
★Harry/Pansy eska_rina
★Hermione/Harry divine_serenity
★Hermione/Ron pouty_giles
★Lucius/Narcissa seaweavle
★Narcissa/Lucius seaweavle
★Remus/Sirius framedinblood
★Remus/Tonks seaweavle
★Ron/Hermione pouty_giles
★Severus/Lily eska_rina
★Severus/Sirius seaweavle
★Sirius/Remus framedinblood
★Sirius/Severus seaweavle
★Tonks/Remus seaweavle
★Voldemort/Cedric krissielee

★Accio {summoning charm} sparklinblossom
★Alohomora {charm to open a locked door} sparklinblossom
★Aparecium {disappearing ink charm} krissielee
★Avada Kedavra {killing curse} devonmalfoy
★Expecto Patronum {spell to produce a patronus} my_onlyone_67
★Expelliarmus {disarming spell} llamaism
★Lumos {charm to provide light} sparklinblossom
★Morsmordre {Dark Mark spell} krissielee
★Protego {shield charm} animus_mentis
★Relashio {spell to produce sparks} sparklinblossom
★Rictusempra {tickling charm} sparklinblossom
★Serpensortia {spell to produce a snake} animus_mentis
★Wingardium Leviosa {floating charm} sparklinblossom

★Appleby Arrows, the krissielee
★Chuddley Cannons krissielee
★Golden Snitch, the the_fairy_bitch
★Puddlemere United krissielee
★Quidditch divine_serenity
★Quodpot krissielee
★Wronksi Feint, the the_fairy_bitch

★Cedric Diggory armandru
★Dean Thomas my_onlyone_67
★Draco Malfoy devonmalfoy
★Fred Weasley raggdoll23
★Harry Potter divine_serenity
★Hermione Granger raggdoll23
★George Weasley raggdoll23
★Ginevra Weasley animus_mentis
★Luna Lovegood pouty_giles
★Neville Longbottom my_onlyone_67
★Oliver Wood divine_serenity
★Ron Weasley my_onlyone_67
★Viktor Krum livluvbrnanddie

★Bellatrix Lestrange's wand framedinblood
★Draco Malfoy's wand devonmalfoy
★Harry Potter's wand devonmalfoy
★Hermione Granger's wand raggdoll23
★Lucius Malfoy's wand framedinblood
★Nymphadora Tonks' wand seaweavle
★Pansy Parkinson's wand eska_rina
★Remus Lupin's wand sparklinblossom
★Ron Weasley's wand pouty_giles
★Severus Snape's wand framedinblood
★Voldemort's wand framedinblood
★Ginny Weasley's wand animus_mentis
★Luna Lovegood's wand animus_mentis

by slipbucketlove
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