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I have decided to take advantage of community promotion. :)

If you're fond of controversial ships, then join toxic_letters. It's a community modded by me (animus_mentis) that focuses on Tom/Ginny. It's a rather new community and we're desperately looking for members. You can write fics, drabbles, theories, make icons, etc while gaining points for your dorm at the same time. It'll be fun...and interesting. Come join!
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|| Two More ||

Hmm...I haven't been here in a while and I noticed that two more claims had been added to the eight that it was before, so I'd like to claim my other two. :)

Ginny Weasley's Wand
Luna Lovegood's Wand

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I'm new here.

Can I claim:

Millicent's cat (mentioned in CoS)?
Pansy's wand?
Morag MacDougal (mentioned in SS/PS)

I have checked, and none of the things are claimed.
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Hey, I'm new here.
Can I make a couple of claims;

- The line, ,"What do you mean I'm not brave in bed?" (Harry, first chapter of OoP
- The spell, expelliarmus
- Aunt Marge
- Ron's prefect badge
- Harry's scar

Hopefully none of these are taken yet, I did check
Disney Mothership

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Hehe...50 claims, and extreme boredom. Wow, not a good combination, is it?

Also...I went straight off the claims list, so if I reclaimed what's already claimed, just let me know, oui? And sorry in advance. ^^;;;

Cut for the sheer insanity of boredomCollapse )

Okay, so I didn't even hit 30. But I've got a headache the size of Britain, so I think I did good. *nods*

Wait! *makes it an even 30*

ta-da!Collapse )


[Edit: I see some of them are claimed but not on the list yet...disregard those, because I'm too lazy to edit them off. Sowwy! ^^;;;]
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