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Harry Potter Requests
Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated

HP Requests is a Harry Potter Graphics Request Community started by vintagerecords

CREDIT: You must credit all graphics taken from _hp_requests_, unless otherwise stated.
DIRECTLINKING/HOTLINKING: Direct linking and hotlinking is WRONG! Don't use up other peoples bandwidth. Please upload all of your graphics to your own server/webhost. Imageshack and Photobucket are some good ones I know of. Here are some more.
LJ-CUTS:All pictures must be under an lj-cut. And if you have links to mulitple pictures, please put the behind an lj-cut.
BEHAVIOR: You must respect everyone here at HP Requests. Don't be rude to anyone, especially the graphics makers who are filling out your request(s). Everyone who is doing this is doing it on thier own time. Please respect that. :)
REQUESTS: Please try and be as detailed as you can. People can't make your graphic if you don't tell them what you want. IF you can't think of exactly what you want, give enough details so that we can figure it out, or go in the direction you wanted. :D
OTHER: All graphics makers will probably have their own set of rules for taking their graphics. Please respect these rules.
CONSEQUENCES: IF you fail to follow the rules, you will be warned. After your warning, if you still continue to break the rules, your posting access will be taken away. (The time period depends on how serious the rule is.) And, if you still continue to not follow the rules, your membership will be deleted.

So far, HP Requests has two mods.
vintagerecords & xo__paperhearts
If you would like to become a mod, please contact Kayla via email with the application below filled out.

LJ Username:
Graphic Examples:
---Icons {at least 3}
---Headers/Banners {at least 2}
---Any other graphics?
How active can you be?
Why do you want to be a mod?
What can you provide for the community?
Anything else that you'd like to add?

If you were happy with the graphics you received at HP Requests, you're just a nice person, or you really like the little Link Back banners, then please, please, please show your support. Link back to _hp_requests_ with a text link, one of the below banners, or just a simple sentence in your User Info. It is greatly appreciated by us, and would be a great way of saying thank-you for your graphics.

Banners courtesy of vintagerecords. If you would like to donate a banner you've made, please contact Kayla via email with your banner. Your banner will be put in the User Info. and you will be credited. Please make all banners no bigger than 200x200.