July 5th, 2005


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I'm new to this community, so I'm not exactly sure how to go about making a request...but I'll give it a try.

Would anyone be willing to make me an anti Harry/Ginny icon? I used to have tons saved on my computer, but the stupid thing crashed and I've spent many fruitless hours trying to relocate them.

So, if anyone could make me an anti Harry/Ginny icon, I'd be very obliged, and would comment and credit to the 10 millionth degree.

Thanks for your time.
Hayden - Crying // HC


So I was browsing around this comm and all the work done is absolutely amazing! I was wondering if someone could please make me an icon with some variation of Collapse ) and the words "You say 'foul, loathsome, evil, little cockroach' like it's a bad thing..."

I will credit in my info and keywords and would be forever grateful!!
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