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Header Request

i would be so greatful if you could make me a header they way you made:
Image hosted by

but instead of the two pictures could u crop this picture:
Image hosted by

and take out the french on the bottom, use the brush you used for the header above and where you have the lyrics for be my escape could you have:

"We Were So Charming, The Future Was Alarming,
Now Don't You Go Look So Proud, Because Guess Who's Laughing Now... "

and instead of the eyes in the header above could you have Ron's hand with is wand in this photo:

Image hosted by

and Hermione's eyes in this picture:

Image hosted by

and where it says Ginny Weasley in the above header to say:

Danger Hides In Every Stranger

in the font you used, and if possible with the brush that does the splattering & the tapee-ish stuff behind the font in:

Image hosted by

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