Silent Jess (jayansilentbob1) wrote in _hp_requests_,
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Can someone fill these three  requests?


The 1st:

A green and silvery color scheme with these pictures somehow in the layout....doesnt matter how they're aranged or look but I'd like them in there:

^ all of those can be placed anywhere in the layout like on the sides. - prehaps this can be the big one on top as the banner with the word SECTUMSEMPRA at the top of it in a similar script.




The 2nd:

Is a tiny character layout....not many pic's and not much to do with it.


in a blue silver (ravenclaw colors) with the words 'Crazy Sexy Cool' on it somewhere.


The Last one:

its a icon.

With the words Accio_Firebolt1 on it



thanks in advance and its much apreciated.

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