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a big Layout Request so if you can't do it thats fine


first off, the header:


main background:

Pictures on the background: < malfoy in this pic

i want it to look kind of like this:

but say:
Harry Potter Is For Lovers... at the top left side of the header,
and I LOVE Ronald Weasley on the bottom right side of the header with heart outlines around Ron Wealsey

font: Edwardian Script ITC
font size: 28

sort of like what you did for the request by felix_felicis_

and the layout to look like to be white with the comment and post boxes to have a 1x border of Light Green and then a space of white in between and a 2x border of light green.

i'd like to comments to say:
(# of comments") Dark & Divial Times Lie Ahead

if the links could be light blue but hover to light grey that'd be awesome

and the font of the comments link and the other links to be Kunstler Script but the main font of the layout to be Tahoma,Size 7

* if some of my colors dont sound right or would look weird feel free to change them to something that would look good because i don't really know what it'll look like im just guessing with the colors and such! if this is possible i'd be forever in debt to you!
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