moved to rockthevinyl. (oy__poodles) wrote in _hp_requests_,
moved to rockthevinyl.

Hello I have a simple icon request.

I was wondering if anyone could make an icon from this pic:

I saw it and I thought she looked gorgeous. I'd just like the top part of her. Like... Shoulders and up or whatever fits. If it doens't fit then you can just do her head. Keep it black and white. It doesn't have to have a border unless you want to put one on. Uh... That's about it. No words or anything. I think she looks so good in it and I love her so... Yeah! That's all!

Oh! One more thing...I really like the little sparkly lights in this icon:

If you could put that in the right hand corner of my icon I'd be forever grateful!

Thanks again! And I'll credit wherever needed!

</lj-cut text="Emma Icon!></P> <P><BR>&nbsp;</P> <P>&nbsp;</P>

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