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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could make me a header featuring Cintia Dicker as Ginny Weasley for an RPG. Here are some images you can use.

You don't have to use all those pictures, of course, but I'd like at least two or three of them in the header. Feel free to resize, crop, whatever you have to do. The header will be going at the top of this journal so the color schemes should match.

Also, somewhere in the header I would like it to say 'Ginny Weasley', &, somewhere else, 'I’ve given up on doing this alone now. Guess I failed and I’m ready to be shown now. You told me the way and now I’m trying to get there' (lyrics from Relient K), & somewhere else, in maybe bigger letters than the lyrics, 'Be My Escape'.

You can mess around with it if you want, its okay. & I'm sorry if I seem picky, I really don't mean to be. :-D

Thanks in advance!

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