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Hello everyone. Ummm, I know this community is quite dead, and thats because I'm basically the only one who is filling requests. And, its wearing down on me. I already have two layouts and a couple of banners that are wayyyy over due.

to the people i owe graphics to: i will get your graphics. i swear. it will just tkae some more time. i'm very sorry.

So, I am putting this community on a hiatus. Posting will be disabled until I can get some more time, or a couple people email me and help out. I am very sorry about this. Please check back to see if the community is back up.

- ♥ Kayla

P.S. When the community gets back up, we will no longer be offering to do layouts. It is just to stressful, because the majority of the requests are layouts.

While we're away: check out hp_requests; a harry potter requests community that is a tad bit livelier than us. hp_icons; the most popular harry potter icons community. no requests, just great icons.

Again, I am very sorry about this. Hopefully, HP REQUESTS will be back soon enough.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me.

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