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_hp_icontest's Journal

Harry Potter Icon Challenge Community
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Welcome to _hp_icontest, a Harry Potter icon challenge community. Here we will post a different HP challenge each week, whether it be lyrics, a quote, or a screencap, and you, as the members, will make icons accordingly. Your co-owners and moderators are cheriewolf and mjtrumpet.

[01] Be respectful of people and their work.
[02] Follow the instructions for each icon contest.
[03] Don't use an icon you've already made, and don't put an icon up for use until voting is over.
[04] Don't vote for your own icon.


adrian rawlins, alan rickman, albus dumbledore, alfie enoch, alicia spinnet, angelina johnson, argus filch, arthur weasley, bane, bonnie wright, chris columbus, chris rankin, clemence poesy, colin creevey, crookshanks, daniel radcliffe, danielle tabor, david bradley, david thewlis, dean thomas, devon murray, dobby, draco malfoy, dudley dursley, emily dale, emma watson, errol, filius flitwick, fiona shaw, fred weasley, gary oldman, george weasley, geraldine somerville, gilderoy lockhart, ginny weasley, gregory goyle, harry melling, harry potter, harry potter icons, hedwig, hermes, hermione granger, hugh mitchell, ian hart, icon contests, icons, james phelps, james potter, james waylett, jamie yeates, joshua herdman, julie walters, katie bell, kenneth branagh, lee jordan, leila sutherland, lily potter, lord voldemort, lucius malfoy, ludo bagman, luke youngblood, luna lovegood, mad-eye moody, madam hooch, maggie smith, marcus flint, mark williams, matthew lewis, minerva mcgonagall, moaning myrtle, molly weasley, moony, nearly headless nick, neville longbottom, oliver phelps, oliver wood, padfoot, percy weasley, peter pettigrew, petunia dursley, pigwidgeon, prongs, quidditch, remus lupin, richard bremmer, richard griffiths, richard harris, robbie coltrane, ron weasley, rubeus hagrid, rupert grint, scabbers, seamus finnigan, sean biggerstaff, severus snape, sir cadogan, sir nicholas de mimsy-porpington, sirius black, slatero quirrel, terrence higgs, the fat lady, tom felton, tom marvolo riddle, vernon dursley, vincent crabbe, warwick davis, will theakson, winky, wormtail, xiomara hooch, zoe wannamaker