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HEY JESSIE! Oh, sorry, heres the app..

Name: Mary Turner
Nickname: Marybeth
Gender: F
Birthday: 11-29-88
Age: I be 15 ALMOST 16
Sign: ...I think Ima Stigg?
Where do you live: In a house located in New Bern, NC
Why do you hate it: Hate what? My house? I dont really hate it. I have my close friends down the street. Its all good.
Do you label yourself? (Punk, prep) If so what "are you"?: I think labels are for insecure people. Though if I HAD to choose, Itd be emo-ish

What is your favorite
Genre of music: Punk, Emo, Rock
Bands/Artists: Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, The Rasmus, AFI, Taking Back Sunday, Slipknot, Story Of The Year, Atreyu, Sugarcult, Coheed & Cambria, The Rocket Summer, Against Me ect.
Song(s): Oh wow. Im in love with "Memory" by Sugarcult and "Broken" By Seether ft/Amy Lee
Television show: That 70s Show // Jackass
Movie: Jackass // Dude, Wheres My Car // Orange County // Half Baked // Donnie Darko
Joke: ---

What is your least favorite
Genre of music: Pop-ish and Rap/R&B
Bands/Artists: Simple Plan is getting on my nerves, but Im pretty tolarent towards bands/singers. Im not gunna knock someone down because I dont like the genre of music they sing/play in.
Song: ---
Television show: Im pretty tollarent of TV shows, but all these reality shows and home-repair shows are kinda anoying...
Movie: Im pretty tolarent of movies also.

Tell us
Who is the most overrated band/artist: ..overrated? Thats really hard.. Maybe Good Charlotte? I mean sure, I am a fan -cough- BUT, everyones like "-SPAZZ- BENJI IS SO HAWT!!!11oneone hdfauilfhaiu" And it anoys me.
Who's the most underrated: hm.. hm.. -thinks- The Rasmus. Because I said so. And they rock so much.
What/Who really pisses you off: Tickeling me. I dispise it.
What's something you hate about your best friend: My best friend would be my boyfriend, and that would be smoking ciggs. I think it is very un-attractive.
Who is the coolest member of this community (if you don't know anyone just pick a random person): JESSIE IS!!! hopes_too_high hehe.
Why you should be accepted: Because I filled out this survay. (sp)
Post or link to a funny picture: ---
Picture of yourself(at least 2 OF YOUR FACE)

title or description
Me and John.

title or description
Me and Malia

title or description
And me with my glasses on. Though I just bought new ones..

Your Views
Abotion: If you get pregnet, you should have to deal with the kid. I think its murder and its horriable. WEAR PROTECTION. Geeze.
Homosexual marriages: Wonderful. I am all for it. <3
The US Government: Sucks. Bush blows cow balls.
Legalization of Drugs: Weed, All for it. Crack or something like that? Woo. Hells no.
Smoking: Weed, thats fun :x But Ciggs, Un-attractive for girls and boys to do.
Suicide: If you feel like you must, go ahead. I've had friends that have attempted, but failed and one of them regrets it now, but, I dont care really. Do what you wish. Its your life.
Stereotypes and Labeling: I know that people at school label me. This one boy called me "Goth" because of who I hang out with. I dont really care what people think of me, they can deal with it.
Any other issue: Nope, Im good :]
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