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Die young and save yourself

Name: Eliot
Nickname: Eliot
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 4th, 1986
Sign: Pieces
Where do you live:Tampa, Florida
Why do you hate it: Because it's always hot here (not good for fat kids, haha), i'm not to partial to the driving, and we don't have much of a local music scene, which didn't exactly help my band flourish.
Do you label yourself? (Punk, prep) If so what "are you"?: What a stupid fucking question.

What is your favorite:
Genre of music:Hardcore/metal
Bands/Artists:Converge, Opeth, My Chemical Romance, Codeseven, American Nightmare, The Blood Brothers, This Runs Through, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Tool haha.
Song(s): The Saddest Day(Converge)
Television show: Family Guy (the entire Adult Swim lineup in general minus some of the shitty anime is great)
Movie: Seven

What is your least favorite
Genre of music: Country
Bands/Artists: Good Charlotte (and every band that sounds just like them), Madball, Taking Back Sunday, Chingy, Interpol.
Song: Probably the Macarana.
Television show: Sorority Girls. HAHA.
Movie: probably Superstar.

Tell us:
Who is the most overrated band/artist:The Mars Volta (they are good..but..eh)
Who's the most underrated: Codeseven.
What/Who really pisses you off: My mother.
What's something you hate about your best friend: Lack of commitment sometimes.
Who is the coolest member of this community (if you don't know anyone just pick a random person): Allie, although she isn't in it yet.
Why you should be accepted: I'm pretty fucking cool. I'm not full of myself by any means (seriously if you met me in person you'll see I barely talk about myself). I have my own band, I book my own shows and promote myself, we have played with some pretty big bands (hardcore scene wise), and we have been told we are pretty good. Other then that, i'm a pretty funny guy, i'm laid back and easy to get along with but I like to go fucking nuts when the occasion arises. I really care about the people I call my friends, i'm not one to let anybody down unless it's impossible not too.
Post or link to a funny picture: haha... www.blackalbinosheep.com . there is a whole shitload of stuff for you to explore there. Funny not disgusting. Haha.
Picture of yourself(at least 2 OF YOUR FACE)

Your Views:
Abotion: I am a man, but in my opinion, it's a woman's right to choose. And well, not to be harsh, but I don't really want 14 year old crackwhores having retarded children.
Homosexual marriages: People can like whoever they want to and thats that. I see no problem.
The US Government: Unorganized at times and kind of sketchy, but what country would you rather live in? Exactly.
Legalization of Drugs: What a stupid idea. As if drunk driving isn't bad enough. I'm straight edge, so i'll just say that and skip the huge fucking paragraph I could write about this shit.
Smoking: Kind of a disgusting habit, but having tried a few back in the day I can see why people smoke sometimes: it tastes good and relaxes.
Suicide: A weak way of dealing with your problems, and quite selfish at that.
Stereotypes and Labeling: Very stupid most of the time, sometimes necessary. It really depends on the person. ALOT of stereotypes are true sometimes but not 100 percent, and labeling is just stupid in general 99.9 percent of the time (yes I realize i'm straight edge, and yes I realize thats a label, I see it more as a personal, lifestyle choice, not a group of people I am involved with.)
Any other issue: Music is the greatest thing that has ever been yielded from the earth. It evokes every kind of emotion that a human being can experience, and it's priceless. Don't take it for granted.
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