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Die young and save yourself

Name: Christine
Nickname: Stine, Steig, Poogie (don't ask)
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 23, 1988
Age: 15
Sign: Capricorn
Where do you live: Southern NJ
Why do you hate it: Why do I hate where I live? Um..because it's like no where New Jersey. And my town is so damn big.
Do you label yourself? (Punk, prep) If so what "are you"?: Not really. Normally I'm just called the bitch that looks like she's gonna kill everyone. (Which I won't it's just the way I dress.)

What is your favorite:
Genre of music: Industrial
Bands/Artists: Nine Inch Nails, 40 Below Summer, Mushroomhead
Song(s): Closer-NIN, Self Medicate-40 Below Summer
Television show: Headbangers Ball
Movie: Sleepy Hollow
Joke: Um...Don't have one.

What is your least favorite
Genre of music: Pop, rap, anything oldies.
Bands/Artists: Any boy band, and Spice Girls
Song: Spice up your life-Spice girls
Television show: Teletubies
Movie: Snow Dogs

Tell us:
Who is the most overrated band/artist: Justin Timberlake
Who's the most underrated: Nine Inch Nails
What/Who really pisses you off: Stupid people, preps, Justin Timberlake, New Age Metal
What's something you hate about your best friend: Shyness.
Who is the coolest member of this community (if you don't know anyone just pick a random person): Uhm...Bleedmytears Wicked name.
Why you should be accepted: Because I actually took the time to fill this out.
Post or link to a funny picture:
I found it amusing. I dont know why...maybe because it's a cat that looks drunk...

Picture of yourself(at least 2 OF YOUR FACE)
My brother caught me with the camera before I had a chance to kick his ass.

I'm the one in the middle. My brother is to the right of me and my cousin is to the left of me. Sorry but it was like the only other picture I had where I didn't look drunk or pregnant.

Your Views:
Abotion: Murder. But then again people's choice. I believe it should be left up to the mother. If it's her own fault she's pregnant or the child is going to be mentally handicapped then I believe it's alright because the child would be living a half life.
Homosexual marriages: Who cares if they're gay? It's their own choice. The straights wouldnt like it if the gays didn't let us get married so why does it matter?
The US Government: Sucks major ass. It's disorganized.
Legalization of Drugs: NO! I understand if it's to cure a disease but making it so that people can just get god the world would be a worse hell hole than it already is.
Smoking: Stupid. It takes away from you and those around you.
Suicide: Selfish way out. It hurts those who were close to you.
Stereotypes and Labeling: It's a part of life. No matter where you go someone is going to label you. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and everyone thinks the other's stink.
Any other issue: Not really.
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