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Die Young and Save Yourself

Name: Miyoko

Nickname: Yoyo

Gender: female

Birthday: feb. 21

Age: 16

Sign: pisece (if i spelt that wrong im sorry)

Where do you live: hawaii

Why do you hate it: I hate it because its in the middle of the ocean and its so limmiting to what you can do.

Do you label yourself? (Punk, prep) If so what "are you"?: Well, I guess yes i do, and Id label myself as a punk

What is your favorite:
Genre of music: punk

Bands/Artists: social distortion, misfits, cock sparrer, chaos UK, the exploited, sex pistols, the ramones, casualties, f-minus, the americans, the cunts.

Song(s): mommys little monster, attitude, argy bargy, sex and violence, liar, hey ho, 40 oz. casualties, wake up screaming, smells like hate, fem nazi

Television show: adult swim

Movie: another state of mind

Joke: there were 3 eskimos, they bet that each others iglus was colder than the other, first one takes the other two in his house...pours water in a glass, in 3 seconds the water freezes, the 2nd one says "no my iglu is colder" so they go to his house. they walk in...he spits and before it hits the ground it freezes. the 3rd one says "no mine is colder than that." so they go to the third iglu. they walk in, he takes them to his room. he lefts the blanket off the bed, and theres a brown stain. he scraps it off the bed, takes it to the fire and throws it in the fire and says "*fart noise*"

What is your least favorite
Genre of music: pop

Bands/Artists: backstreet boys, britney spears, nsync and who ever fits into that

Song: all of the ones they (above) sing

Television show: MTV

Movie: Envy

Tell us:
Who is the most overrated band/artist: Sex Pistols (even though their one of my favoirte bands. its ture)

Who's the most underrated: choas UK

What/Who really pisses you off: people that think their better than you just because they have a mohawk, or spiked hair. or just dress different, and people like them. People who act different around different people.

What's something you hate about your best friend: She hangs out with a emo kid

Who is the coolest member of this community (if you don't know anyone just pick a random person): fight_the_fade

Why you should be accepted: Well i guess there is no good reason for you to. Im not a cool person. All i do is go to punk shows. But im a pretty open-minded person, and nice to most people unless you piss me off. but other than that, i guess its up to you.
Post or link to a funny picture: http://img36.photobucket.com/albums/v110/ifuslitmythroat/joe.jpg

Picture of yourself(at least 2 OF YOUR FACE)

*sorry if their big. and see for yourself, im not good with pictures*

Your Views:
Abotion: Im not for it. I personaly would never do it. But since everyone in this world is different, I wouldnt think your a bad person if you decided to get one. I think its a scary thing to do. But if you were to young, or wouldnt be able to take care of the baby and it would be better if you didnt have it then i understand. But I dont really like the thought of someone cutting me open to kill something i created.

Homosexual marriages: I think it should be leagal, if any two people are in love with each other then they should be able to get married. I put myself in their shoes, if i was in love with another girl I would want to be able to get married, so I think they should be able to get married. They love each other, not matter their sex.

The US Government: I dont agree with pretty much anything we are doing of this moment. I think Bush is in the war for the wrong reasons, we shouldnt be over there, we dont have to be over there. And while were spending millions of dollars of weapons there are more important issues like AIDS and Canser that we should be spending that money on. I dont think were using what we have correctly.

Legalization of Drugs: If we legalized drugs there would be to many messed up people in this world. I mean yes ill admit it, i drink and smoke on occasion, but if you legalized crack or X there would be to many people dying of it. And there are already to many people dying, so if it was leagalized i think it would get to out of hand and we wouldnt be able to deal with it, we cant deal with it now and no druns (other than procription) is legal.

Smoking: cigs. are utterly gross and wrong to do. they smell bad, they are expencize and i dont see why people think its cool to do it. but if you smoke pot, again it isnt good for you and i know it but i still do it anyway at parties. it makes me feel good and im not saying thats the only way i can have fun. but its fun when your with a good group of people. but also its a chioce you as your own person have to make whether to do or not.

Suicide: Ive gone though to much to think this is a good thing to do. I lost my boyfriend to this. And it isnt a way to get out of things that arent going good for you. everyone life isnt perfect so dont think your the only one that has a bad life. I really dont see how someone would want to end their own life when there is so many things you can do. i anti-suicide.

Stereotypes and Labeling: Sometimes it gets out of hand. were there is such a large genre and then everyone that is in seperate catogories in that genre are all put into one which is the wrong way to go. But its a way people can know who they would get along with and who they wouldnt which i also think is stupid because not every punk kid is the same and not every emo kid is the same, and not every preppy kid is the same. you might be one but just because your a punk doesnt mean you drink 40 oz. all the time and burn things. and just because your an emo kid doesnt me you cry all night and if your preppy doesnt mean that all you think about is how you look and who your boyfriend is. but like i said its an easy way to know who you should hang out with and who you shouldnt.

Any other issue: "juding people by their looks" ok i really am sick of it. and i dont understand what makes someone sooooo utterly hot that they are a better person because of it. i dont understand it and i never want to.

*and if my pictures didnt work sorry just let me know and ill add them again*
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