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Die young and save yourself

Name: Allison
Nickname: Allie
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 31st
Age: 18
Sign: Aries
Where do you live: Tampa, Florida
Why do you hate it: You'd think in such a "large" city there would be alot of culture. There isn't. It's all yuppie crap.
Do you label yourself? (Punk, prep) If so what "are you"?: Ha, I don't think I'm labelable.

What is your favorite:
Genre of music: Rock/Indie
Bands/Artists: The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Portishead, Placebo, Tomahawk, Skinny Puppy, Alice in Chains, KMFDM, Mindless Self Indulgence, The Postal Service, A Perfect Circle, The Faint, Sneaker Pimps, Modest Mouse, Finch, Bright Eyes, Coldplay, Chemlab, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Opeth, Primal Scream, The Melvins
Song(s): The Pumpkins are my favorite band of all time, so ANYTHING by them, I haven't found a song Ihaven't liked by them yet.
Television show: Family Guy, or anything on HGTV/TLC because I'm like that.
Movie:Requiem for a Dream, Donnie Darko, Boonedock Saints, Fear and Loathing, Pulp Fiction...
Joke:So, there is this couple that don't like talking about sex, so they decided to call it "doing the laundry". So, the couple is laying in bed one night and the husband turns over to the wife and says "Honey, is your washer on?" The wife tells the husband "no" and to go back to bed, the husband does the same thing about half an hour later; the wife says "no" once again, and tells him to go to sleep again. About an hour later the wife rolls over to the now sleeping husband, and says "Baby, the washer is on"; and the husband replies "Don't worry about it; It was a small load- I did it myself."

What is your least favorite
Genre of music: The pre-packaged pop-punk bullshit. Doesn't everyone hate that shit?
Bands/Artists: New Found Glory
Song: haha, The Electric Slide
Television show:Room Raiders on MTV; your going to judge someone by their room? Think about it -It's a fucking stupid idea.
Movie:Aything Anime

Tell us:
Who is the most overrated band/artist: Nirvana -Don't get mad! I used to love them, and then I got a guitar, and after playing for a week, I could play all of their songs. It just really showed me how musically crappy they are. Besides, they wouldn't have been shit without the Melvins influence.
Who's the most underrated: The Melvins
What/Who really pisses you off: When people don't back down, even though they know they are wrong. The just fight their point till you get fucking pissed and walk off.
What's something you hate about your best friend: She has a really annoying voice when she gets excited or late at night. It's like this whiny... horrible "noise"
Who is the coolest member of this community :sweetxcataclysm -I like their name.
Why you should be accepted: I'm awesome - It's that simple.
Post or link to a funny picture: England!
Picture of yourself
Your Views:
Abotion: No one is "pro-abortion"; but I think shit happends, but it should be used only if there is nothing else. It is NOT a form of birth control.
Homosexual marriages: You can't help who you fall in love with.
The US Government: It could be better, but it's good. I'm not going to sit around like most and bitch about it. Get off your ass if you don't like it - and change it.
Legalization of Drugs: Why not?
Smoking: If you want to; do it.
Suicide: It's the same as smoking- If you want to; do it.
Stereotypes and Labeling: Whatever.
Any other issue:


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