Mel (charm3r) wrote in _how_lovely,


wow after a loooong hiatus of not coming on livejournal i'm back!

this place seems kinda dead, but if other members come back too i'll help promote...

just leave some comments here so i know it's not dead and i'll tell some people about it <33

here are some new pics of me


  • stamped//promo./

    join stereo_check

  • stamped//banners.

    happy holidays all you hotties. i made a "join" banner. i hope you like. it was on pain cos photoshop is being a homo. <3 just for promotes &…

  • my application

    THE APPLICATION: Name: Megan Nickname: Meg, Megsie Gender: f Birthday: 11/5/85 Age: 19 Sign: scorpio Where do you live: wi Why do you hate it: it…

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