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I wonder how many of our communities' photos have been put on any of the bad tattoos communities. I ask because if this has happened to __dust, who knows how many times anyone else has had this happen to them. I think being apart of those commnities helps us keep an eye out for each other. :)

Anyhow, my second tattoo needs to be beaten with a tennis racket lol. QUIT ITCHING!!! :P

Edited: I realized my question was very vague.
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Hey this may be a long shot but its worth trying

When I first started learning about piercing and such I apprenticed under a guy named Shroomy. Big fella who's got fire on one side of his face and water on the other side. I honestly don't think I ever knew his real name.

Anyways he moved to California awhile ago, I've been trying to contact artist and such that I have worked with. So if anyone in the huge state of Cali knows of this man, leave a comment.

I know he's gotta be piercing somewhere, and I doubt he'd go anywhere but southern Cali, thats still a lot of space to cover I know, but at least it kinda divids it in half.


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I just thought I'd upload another pic of me. My 2 inch plug, which I'm obsessed over like its my own style rim. Also you can see the tribal and face on my hand, Also take notice to the wannabe Rick Gonzalez hair style. My hair grows out into an afro naturally and requires little picking, so I figured I'd pull it back cause its a sweet hair style. I dunno if it fits me though. Also I don't live on the west side, I actually live in a suburb of Buffalo that is pretty far from giving me any "street" cred. lol, anyways enjoy.

Anyone else live arund buffalo? I know theres a BME meet up comming up at casino niagara, anyone going? Cause so far I know nobody.

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left sleeve

they are moths, not butterflies. butterflies have those little antennae things. i do NOT like butterflies, much. i quite like mothies.

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original artist: Maurits Cornelius Escher
image: original images is here from The Official MC Escher website
tattoo artist: Claire, @ Artful Ink in Morley, Western Australia
time: appt at 1pm, actually started at 1.45, time spent faffing around with stencil placement, actually starting buzzing aroun 2-2.30pm. the needle broke about 4pm, after that there was breaks and more faffing. finished around 6.45pm. really about 3.4-4 hours of actual tattooing.
faffing = talking to artists, watching dvds, playing with beds and cursing needles that break.

going back for touchups, finish the edging, in about a month. hopefully i'll have money to start the colouring soon - check the original image ^ to see what the colours are. and to everyone who says that near your armpit and on the underside of your arm is more painful - you were right! owwwwies.

but i am so pleased :D

x-posted like the biatch i am.