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Name: Jackie
Age: 15

Sex: F
Location: Howell, NJ

10 bands that tickle your fancy: The Postal Service, Every Time I Die, Motion City Soundtrack, The Stryder, Underoath, Brandston, Atreyu, Norma Jean, Coheed and Cambria, Death Cab For Cutie
scarf or pearls?: Pearls
how are you hotxcore: I know how to groove.
do you smoke, drink, shoot up?: Drink once in a blue moon and a ciggarette when I'm really stressed.

hair: 9
lips: 9
eyes: 9
fashion: 10
toosh: 10
shoes: 10

your views
on sex: great
vegan, vegetarian, other?: helps you lose weight
drugs: gay
fashion: obsessed
being "scene": I think being scene makes you a total loser and a total poser. Music should be appreciated and you shouldn't pretend to like it just for guys and fashion.

I'm the one on the left hand side.

Oh, and I never wear my hair like that, just those pictures were taken in the same week and I was really lazy. My hair actually flips out.  I don't have any more recent photos.



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Name:Morgan LaFey

10 bands that tickle your fancy:The Cure, Built to Spill, Pig Destroyer, Modest Mouse, Elton John, Queen, Converge, The Rolling Stones, Taking Back Sunday, Depeche Mode
scarf or pearls?:pearls
how are you hotxcore:my hair covers half of my face
do you smoke, drink, shoot up?:nah

On a Scale from 1-10 (based on yourself):

your views
on sex:do it in style
vegan, vegetarian, other?:im vegan so i'm biased
drugs:fuck that shit
fashion:if you don't have fashion in your life, your heart should be fed to you
being "scene":cut off gloves, hair covering your face, what more can i say

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yea. thats me.

am i hotxcore?!


10 bands that tickle your fancy: the postal service, atreyu, story of the year, modest mouse, deathcab, brighteyes, takeheart, coheed and cambria, pretty girls make graves, the cure.
scarf or pearls?:pearls.
how are you hotxcore: my hair and my eyes make a difference.
do you smoke, drink, shoot up?: nope.

On a Scale from 1-10 (based on yourself):

your views
on sex:if you are ready. go for it. its your body. do what you want with it.
vegan, vegetarian, other?:i think its cool if people are vegan, vegetarian but i think its kinda wierd that they consider it murder. but i cant pick what other people believe in.
drugs:alot of people i know do drugs. and if they want to do them thats cool. im just not into them.
fashion:these days people judge based soley on now i think most people do it because they are being judged. but you have to admit when you get all dressed up you feel more confident about yourself.
being "scene":i guess its the same as being any other type of person. like goth or skater. its just a way that someone can express themselves.

atleast 2 pictures bitch. thats not asking for much.

and the pictures.of course.Collapse )
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