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effing application!

Name: Moriah
Age: 16
Gender: femalefizzle
Location: Orlando

10 bands that tickle your fancy: The Postal Service, The Pixies, The Shins, Death Cab Modest Mouse, Poison The Well, Brand New, From Autumn To Ashes, Every Time I Die, Bright Eyes
scarf or pearls?: Pearls, white and black
how are you hotxcore: I was born that way. Actually I was born ugly as a mother. What really makes me hotxcore is that I was hideous (and stupid) in middle school and I went through a lot of shit for it. Now I'm kinda hot and I'm not shallow because I've been through a lot.
do you smoke, drink, shoot up?: I hate cigarettes but regarding weed I'm a social smoker. I drink (especially wine) but I don't shoot up. *shudders* Needles...

On a Scale from 1-10 (based on yourself):
Ahh I hate this part
hair: 5
lips: 7
eyes: 7.5?
fashion: pretty damn cool
toosh: 7. Its pretty big. For a white girl.
shoes: eh... 6.5

your views
on sex: Save it for love. And try to be classy. My ex once said "I'll never have sex anywhere I can't play Marvin Gaye."
vegan, vegetarian, other?: I could never be either but I respect those who are.
drugs: Just be careful about what you're doing. At least be knowlegeable about the drugs you do.
fashion: Wear whatever the hell you think is cute and don't base your opinions on what is "cool" at the moment with everyone else.
being "scene": The hair is cute... I don't really care if someone's scene or not


Sorry about the size of this one, if I make it smaller it gets really pixellated and nasty. But if you step back from your computer you can really see what I look like life-size! <3

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