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new kid on tha block,yo.

Name: Taylor Rae
Age: 14
Sex: Lady
Location: Lakeland Florida

10 bands that tickle your fancy: The Cure,As I Lay Dying,Underoath, Death Cab for Cutie,The Postal Service, The Viloent Femmes, The Bled, Copeland, Bright Eyes,Hanson
scarf or pearls?: pearls, i guess
how are you hotxcore: hmmm.actaully im not sure i am

do you smoke, drink, shoot up?: none of that.

On a Scale from 1-10 (based on yourself):
hair: 8
lips: 7
eyes: 7
fashion: 6 ish
toosh: sometimes it just doesnt fit in pants right.5
shoes: 3

your views
on sex: go for it.
vegan, vegetarian, other?: i think its cool.im not against it at all.
drugs: not for me...i think they are ok if used moderatley.
fashion: i wish i was more fashion.i think its hot.
being "scene": whateva


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