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Name: Sara Lee
Age: 17
Sex: female

Location: Upstate, New York

10 bands that tickle your fancy: [1] hoobastank [2] trapt [3] our lady peace [4] new found glory [5] story of the year [6] three days grace [7] smile empty soul [8] dave matthews band [9] nickelback [10] sugarcult
scarf or pearls?: pearls of course
how are you hotxcore: sure thing
do you smoke, drink, shoot up?: nope...well i drink on occassion

On a Scale from 1-10 (based on yourself):
hair: 8
lips: 7
eyes: 9
fashion: 8
toosh: 7
shoes: 8

your views
on sex: as long as you're ready...go for it...its fun and enjoyable as hell
vegan, vegetarian, other?: im not either...but if its your thing...more power to ya!
drugs: ehh...i stay away...not my thing
fashion: i love clothes, shoes, underwear...anything to do with fashion! i love it!
being "scene": again...if its your thing...more power to you!

http://pages.ivillage.com/lilhippochick <--pics of me click on "profile" and "me"

--not really too sure on how to upload pics onto the LJ --


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