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hello everyone i have notupdated in a while but i guess that is ok....Ishia has had two shows so far and both have been rocking. as most of you all now know i have moved from being the vocalist to becoming the bassist. and i will tell you that i love it. we are doing so well.....

everyone go to
www.ishiaband.com and sign the guestbook after you go to www.purevolume.com/ishia and then go to www.myspace.com/ishia


Name:erica havoc
Location: tejas

10 bands that tickle your fancy: le tigre, ima robot, uk subs, hot hot heat, the exploding hearts, the kickz, the clash, rolling stones, the dead boys, morrisey
scarf or pearls?: pink pearls
how are you hotxcore: im not yet, thats what this applications for.
do you smoke, drink, shoot up?: smoke yes drink on occasion shoot up never. not into the live fast die young crowd. not my thing.

On a Scale from 1-10 (based on yourself):

your views
on sex: im not against sex before marriage, just loveless sex. its meant for people who are in love.
vegan, vegetarian, other?: im a vegetarian, part of the peta street crew.
drugs: like i said before not into the live fast die young.
fashion:how can i answer this and stay fashionable?
being "scene": i dont throw labels on people.

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    ima robot- dirty life
yea. thats me.

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