hey guuuuuuuuurls. just wanted to say HEY! and i love you bitches.
kerrrry, where the hell have you been. we havent hung out in forever.
what the fuck hoe? calllllllllllllll me, NOT MY CELL! i got grounded
and brian took it away. so call the land line. you know the #

to all the gurls who have been accepted, omg, i love all of you. im
so fucking happy your in this community,!

bye lovers.

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so these are recents pics of lindsay lohan and nicole richies new skeletal look. i want to know what everyones take on it is...do u think they look better, worse? i think lindsays face looks beautiful but the blonde hair isnt working for her AT ALL. and she def looked better with a little meat one her. whats everyone think?
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