new hottie

1) age: 18
2) sex: giRl
3) location: Manhatten NYC
4) sexual preference: hav a boyfriend (straight)

1) 3 favorite movies: Blow, Cruel Intentions, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, Girl Interrupted
2) 5 favorite bands and why: Dashboard Confessional..they sound great..Britney Spears- so gorgeous love her songs..Yellowcard- great for summer..Christina Aguilera- been a fan since how she writes her own music ..Black Eyed Peas- they have fun songs..great to dance to..
3) 2 favorite songs -California- Phantom Planet..Our Lips are Sealed- GoGo's

4) 2 favorite books- The devil wears Prada, To Kill a Mockingbird

1)racism: i'm not racist..i think it has gotten better..but there is definetly racism out there
2)abortion- i'm against abortion..i think that there are plenty of families out there who can't have children and would love to adopt..
3)politics (as in..the current political situations)- I am a Republican.. I think that George Bush is doing a very good job.. I hate John Kerry, I hate the close minded, cool-aid drinking Liberals..they should all go to hell..and the reason that more of the Liberals are protesting and not many republicans are is because all of the republicans are out working while the stupid ass liberals are being lazy and stupid.
4)labels- i don't like labels..each person is different
5)society- i think people should be themselves and if they happen to fit in society that's great but if not..they should keep being themselves
6)premarital sex- personally..i would wait till i'm married..but i don't feel strongly against anyone who does have premarital sex
7)religion- i am Roman Catholic.. i believe there is something beyond this life
8)mental illness- what about mental illness..idon't think i'm mental haha..but people are and that's sad..

1)what made you want to join this community?: i think i'm pretty hot.. haha.. and i think that i have a good personality and strong beliefs

now add some pictures of yourself

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mk that said, it wont let me get in and change it on the rules, but you know what, im taking off the age limit. however, if you are a completely ignorant fool i will not let you in :D. mk. i had to say that. i feel like the age limit is stopping alot of people from applying so ya.

My Mandatory Moderator Post

Hey hey, its moderator number 2, Eff. I'm getting sorta disappointed because we only have three members as of now. Well, *cough* we did have another application, and I was excited, but it turned out Anyway, need to join this community...I mean honestly, check out our application. We really do base a lot of our judging on your answers, so if you have intelligent thoughts, put them down!!!!
Oh, but do include pictures, too...we don't want any closet-uglies.


alright... this is your mod, kelley. welcome to _hotties and thank you for taking the time to look us up :). This is a rating community, but unlike most of the others, this one is based more on application than looks. Our application requires some thought, so you are judged on inner beauty as well as outer :). so to get this started off.. im going to let the first 5 people in who ask to join. once you join, you can read other people's applications and see if the deserve to join or not. if a person has more yes's than no's..they are accepted...easy enough. once you are accepted..tell other people about us!

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