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new hottie

1) age: 14
2) sex: female
3) location: california
4) sexual preference: straight

1) 3 favorite movies:dodgeball, mission impossible, napoleon dynamite
2) 5 favorite bands and why: offspring- i like their style unique, red hot chili peppers- i <3 his voice and they are unique as well, metallica- ha, i have a voice fettish i think his voice is sexy, AFI- i love their style and if u listen to all the songs on "sing the sorrow" they slow down and then pick back up and i think its cool that they sorta branded themselves like that. i know a lot of bands do it, but they do it in every song and i also love the words, they are so meaningful, papa roach- i love the words to their songs as well, if u listen to them they are really great
3) 2 favorite songs: letters to you- finch, walkie talkie man- steriogram
4) 2 favorite books: The Bourne Identity, Translations of Beauty

1)racism:  people cannot pick the color skin they have, they are born with it, and i think that judging someone based solely on race is judgemental and close-minded. i think everyone should have equal rights throughout the word reguardless of race.
2)abortion: i think that if sumone is just irresponisble or just decides that they suddenly don't want a baby, abortion is cruel. but if someone was raped, or the birth of the baby could endanger the mothers life, or the baby would be born with a handicap that would make it not capable of living a normal or at least semi-normal life, then abortion is infact considerable.
3)polotics (as in..the current political situations): i support the war. what are we gonna do? watch and let them blow up some more building?!!? hell no.
4)labels: labels are a way of categorizing people. almost like a species within a species, no big deal, unless it affects the other person mentally or physically, (eg: u label sumone a "geek") then it is unfair, immautre, and childish. if u don't like them, don't waste your time on them.
5)society: society is complicated, but it is what it is, if you don't like it try to change, if your too lazy then don't complain if your not gonna get off ur ass and do sumthin' about it.
6)premarital sex: i think it is irresponisble, but there are exceptions, long-term relationships (more than a year or so) and there truly is a future, and i think 16 is the BARE MINIMUM age you should even consider sex.
7)religion: i think everyone can practice w.e religion they want to as long as it doesnt put down other religions or it doesnt harm anyone! hell, its their life!
8)mental illness: people with mental illness didn't choose to live their life that way, they should be treated with respect and dignity.

1)what made you want to join this community?: i've only been accepted into one communtiy. i thought this one looked interesting and a place where i might meet people with sum interests similar to mine.

2) who did you promote us to? (post a link here): uuh haha, i don't know exaclty how to promote, but if you explain it to me i swear i'll do it, if it has to do with gettin people to join your community i sooo will do it if you accept me. i am sooo sorry.

now add some pictures of yourself

**sorry i kinda dont smile much in these pics, only ones i have! i do smile tho!**

<1/2 ass smile.

<my friend drew that on me, i think its pretty rad.

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