Hillary ♥ (sexysweetie) wrote in _hotties,
Hillary ♥

Hillary application

1) age-- 17
2) sex--female
3) location--Woodbridge, VA
4) sexual preference--straight

1) 3 favorite movies-- Cruel Intentions, Pretty Woman, BIlly Madison
2) 5 favorite bands--Midtown, Matchbook Romance, Socratic, Story of the Year, Autopilot Off...because they're all very talented and I love their music and lyrics.
3) 2 favorite songs-- Without You by the Dixie Chicks and One Slow Dance by Rufio
4) 2 favorite books-- The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Sound and The Fury by Faulkner

1)racism-- I personally try not to be racist, but there are just so many people out there that judge people by the color of their skin that it is practically impossible to avoid.
2)abortion-- I'm for abortion. I think it's a woman's choice because scientifically speaking, when the fetus is aborted, it is just extra tissue in a woman's body that has no nervous system, heart or capacity to suffer.
3)polotics-- I don't agree with the war in Iraq because there is no reason for us to be over there. Just because Bush thinks they have weapons of mass destruction does not give him the right to risk the lives of our troops.
4)labels-- I hate labels. I hate being labeled. I hate labeling people. I hate everything about it. I just don't see why we all can't get along.
5)society-- society is just messed up. and that's it.
6)premarital sex-- it's your choice. I don't criticize anyone who does have sex before marriage...even if I think it's for the wrong reasons, it's their choice. If they don't regret it, then it's fine with me.
7)religion-- I don't really have a religion and that is by choice, but I don't discriminate against those who do partake in religious actitivies.
8)mental illness-- It's personally hard for me to deal with mentally handicapped people, but I do the best I can

1)what made you want to join this community? I think it looks like fun and I want to be a hottie.
2) who did you promote us to?

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