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Amanda-Michelle (application)

1) age 14
2) sexfemale
3) locationlondon Ontario, canada
4) sexual preferenceFemale

1) 3 favorite movies
1:Save the last dance-Classic.
2:Thirteen-totally moving
3:The Craft-Another Classic.
2) 5 favorite bands and why
1:Marilyn Manson-Not afraid to say whats on his mind and be himself not to mention awesome music
2:Eminem-Same reason, 100% true to himself...its all that matters
3:Evanesence-powerfull music.
4:Ice Cube- His "you can do it" song was is my favourite song...honourable mention
5:N.W.A- They INVENTED Rap...and they kick ass.. I LoVE stright outta compton
3) 2 favorite songs
1:you can do it-Ice cube
2:Broken-seether Feat: Amee Lee
4) 2 favorite books
2:Jarassic Park

1)racismTOTALLY against it...who cares if what color you are?! Like honesty I could seriously go on for pages abotu how against rasism I am...but why bother...I dont care what color your skin is be it black, white, brown,blue...if I like you it will be becasue of your personality Nothing to do with skin color
2)abortion Ok I'm not against abortions...I think theres nothing wrong with getting rid of some unwanted cells...I think its foolish to have unprotected sex before your ready, but if the condom breaks or something..and your too young to be stuck with a kid..then abortion would be one of your few options...I dont think i could get rid of a part of me very easy, but i understand if some people shouldnt be used as a birth control method though..thats just wrong
3)polotics (as in..the current political situations) Honestly...It doesnt really bother me..i'm not like anti-bush or anything...i think that with the war in iraq...all hes doing is protecting america..i think its gone to far..but i think that he wanted to get the terrirosts responsible for killing innocent ppl..i dont blame him...BUT I think after he got what he wanted he shoulod of left it...It should be done by now.
4)labels I'm not against labels like PUNK pr PREP or anything..i think you should be able to make your one else hsould..i also dont think people should be teased or excluded becasue of the way they dress...let people be themselfs, I am against labels like whore and slut...I think its wrong to call a woman those names...and its gotten to the point where people throw those names around like no shouldnt be accepted...but if someone called me a prep i wouldnt mind..i dont use labels and i dont label with rasism if im gonna like someone its gonna be becasue of personality
6)premarital sex oh jeese...ok i do believe in premarital sex...I DON'T believe in casual sex...i think tht if you have strong feelings for someone then have sex..honestly its not my buissness...I think that if your having casual sex with lots of ppl then you do infact deserve the name "slut" but again..its not my buissness what you other ppl choose to do...
7)religion I dont have a religion...but I'm not anti-religion, i think that if you want to believe there is a god...go ahead whatever makes you happy...but dont flaunt it and try to get other ppl to think the way you do ..think how you want enjoy it...but dont tell me what to believe...same with people who are anti-christ..if you dont think theres a god...go ahead but again dont flaunt it and dont go around burning crosses and hating on people..everyone can just believe what they want
8)mental illness..I duno what the question is..i dont have an mental illness...i feel bad for people who do...but everything happens for a reason..some people say disapled people are angles in disguise...some people say they're "retards" i think calling anyone names is wrong..but i dont really have an opinion...

1)what made you want to join this community? my friend was talking about her joing a community like this i thought i'd give it a shot

Me at grad..

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