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new hottie

Age: 17
Sex: F
Location: MD
Sexual Preference: Hetero-flexable

3 fav movies
*American Beauty
*What about bob
*Mars attacks

Fav bands, why:
*Suzanne Vega-truthful music
*Led Zepplin-Hard core guitar, gives me chills
*Ozzy-True rock
*Beach boys-it makes you feel like your at the beach, gives me a summer feeling

2 fav songs
*"old man" neil young
*"liverpool"-suzanne vega

2 fav books
*"talk before sleep" elizabeth berg
*"the davinci code"

Racism- You would think this answer would get an either, "thats retarded" or "of course" but ill be more elaborate. No matter what we try to do or who says what there will always be racism. I think that some groups deserve to have a little greiving time, and be mad at the race that put them through trama. But i do think its ignorant just to be racist because of a stereotype.
Abortion: im pro-choice, i think women have been told what to do and how to do it for too long. I think now its our turn, and women are not stupid..they know whats going to be done to their bodys. However, i think that its the womens responsibility for their physcological thoughts after the procedure. Whether that be a depression or happiness.
Politics: I hate bush for to many reasons to name why, so thats my political input.
Labels: Whatever makes everyone happy. If they want to be "labeled" as something, go right ahead.
Society: Theres major ignorance in our society, and yes, america seems really fucked up when you think about it...but...compared to other societies i think were the best.
Premarital sex: Im not one to say when someone thinks or knows they love somone deeply enough to share that together. But I think there is a certain thought process that goes through everyones head when they feel truly connected to someone. The thought process, to me at least, can not be explained by anyone. If somoene feels that connection and their old enough to respect it. Make it special.
Religion: Christian, but after reading the davinci code, im a little confused
Mental Illness: medication is a good..good thing. I think everyone has some form of mental illness.
What made you want to join the community:
Looks like a fun place to rate people


me and mama...


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